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Facebook, as we all know, is the biggest socializing platform in the world today. The platform is best known for its services which it renders to meet their slogan which focuses on bringing the world closer together. In fact, they are justifying their slogan with the amazing services which it offers on its web platform. Presently one of the service users are enjoying on the platform is the Facebook live that gives users access to live video streaming.

Facebook Live

Facebook live is a feature or option on Facebook web platform that allows users to share and broadcast live videos to their friends, page, group, and the public. No doubt, Facebook live feature can be accessed by all Facebook users on their personal computer or mobile device. As long, the user device has a camera, they will be able to go live anytime.

Features Of Facebook Live

Facebook live provides a medium through which its users can interact with friends, family and the public. Moreover, this allows users distant away from their friends and family to easily connect and share memories through live videos. With the Facebook live feature users will be able to show their friends what they do for fun and things they want to share with them via Live Video Streaming.

Users can set the privacy options to what suits them when about to carry out the Facebook live process on their device. Most noteworthy this option allows users to select the people they want witnessing or viewing the live streams ranging from only me, public, followers, page and friends. However, it all depends on whom the user wants to allow to view or witness their live show.

Making use of the Facebook live provides means for users to meet new people. This is one of the amazing features which make users wanting to do more live videos. As a matter of fact, with the tools available in Facebook live option, users will be able to express themselves in ways which will amuse their friends, followers and public viewers.

Users can broadcast with the Facebook live option for up to four (4) hours. Of course, this is possible as long as the user has a device with a stable network connection that can access the live option on Facebook web platform. After each broadcast, the video will be uploaded on the user’s timeline, page or profile. In fact, this provides means for the user’s friends or followers to view them later if they missed the live stream.

Facebook Live Chat Process For Mobile And Desktop Devices

Users can access the Facebook live option on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The live option can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Furthermore, for users to be able to go live via mobile or desktop a strong internet connection is to be of use by the user. A user is to do this to avoid network issues when broadcasting a live video.

Well, there’s not much difference in the steps a user needs to follow to go live on desktop and mobile. There’s no need to worry, cause the steps to make use of Facebook live option on the web platform is very easy. Users can make use of any of the two options to go live.

Facebook Live Android And iOS Device Users

Android iOS device uses can go easily go live on the Facebook platform with the use of the Facebook app. With the app, users will be able to go live using their mobile device’s camera. The steps to follow to make use of the Facebook live option for Android and iOS device users are.

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your device.
  2. Start the Fb login process in the account sign in page. Users can do this by entering their active Facebook account username and password.
  3. Click the login or sign in button to complete the Fb login process.
  4. Tap the home or news feed menu section.
  5. Click on “what’s on your mind?” in the news feed section.
  6. Click on “Go Live” from the list of options.
  7. Give the Facebook app permission to access your device’s camera.
  8. Select the privacy option of your choice.
  9. Write a description of what you want to share live. This step is optional.
  10. Tag friends or pages of your choice. This is an optional step.
  11. Choose your current location. This is optional.
  12. Use the live option creative tools to personalize camera to what suits you.
  13. Click the “Go Live” button.

With the above steps, users will be able to use Facebook live anytime they wish to. When going live users will be able to have conversations with people viewing their live posts. After the user has finished going live the video will upload automatically to the user’s Facebook account timeline or page. While doing this a user can choose to allow friends, follower and the public to see videos they did live.

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