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mSpy is a mobile monitoring software which allows a user track some specific activities on her device depending on her needs and priorities. It keeps records of a device tasks such as SMS, call logs, emails, browsing history, photos, videos, GPS locations, social network messages to mention a few, on its user’s secure web portal account.


Most parents and employers have benefited greatly from the use of this mobile application. It enables them to become more resourceful in managing children and employees. mSpy enhances a digital control over activities and safety. It offers a broad range of mobile tracking features and options, guaranteed services at a great bargain.

With its reliable and improving tracking technology, mSpy has over the years outwinged its competitors and set them at bay. It’s efficient and easy to use on most modern mobile devices have proved to be a great boost for its popularity.

mSpy is endorsed by a number of companies ranging from Forbes, Cnet, CNN, Fox News and lots more. It works on all mobile platforms and networks across the globe. Some of these networks are Android, iPhone, Virgin Mobile, Orange, Sprint, at&t, Verizon. It also provides various secure online payment options.

mSpy Web portal

MSpy presents a portal that serves as a medium on which users get easy access to its features from any browser. users are introduced to mSpy diverse tracking services from which they can select and read more about offers and purchase order. Its several compatibility options help a user who is not sure about her device. This software and device compatibility allows the user to know which product to buy.

The interface is user-friendly and streamlined. It supports numbers of language so a user can navigate easily with the language he or she can apprehend. Log in at your convenience to check the status of your preferred selected activities on your control panel at the expense of an internet connection.

It offers a vast variety of subscription plans at cheap prices. A free online help with initial installation and mSpy customer support that is second to no other. Its services rendered are most likely to be 100% satisfied by lots of its customers.

The main menus designed on the mSpy homepage are listed below. These are well laid out so users can easily browse through its mixed options.
Buy Now.

Other sub-menus are the Account login and Language options. Kindly visit mSpy interface and read more about its terms and conditions.

mSpy Features

There are actually a lots more one can do with the app, it is not just a tracking tool. It embeds in it modern supervision options. Of all the services it renders,  the following are few of the unlimited standard and basic monitoring features the tracking software provides.

  1. The spy phone app keeps track of all messages and calls log updates.
  2. It allows a user to read incoming and outgoing emails on Gmail and Mail App.
  3. The mSpy app accesses pictures and videos on a target device and uploads online so that a user can access them from her Control Panel.
  4. It helps users to monitor their target devices’ Internet activities.
  5. Users are given entries to target devices’ calendar, address book and are able to read chat and instant messages of most popular social apps.
  6. It records all keystrokes used by the device’s owner. This key logging feature is available only for Android devices.
  7. It finds and uploads GPS location.
  8. Calls restriction for any predefined number of the mobile spy software.
  9. It allows a user to lock, wipe phone data and block her preferred apps and websites.
  10. A user can create a list of target words and get notified whenever such keywords are used on the target device.

One of its key functions is that the app is 100% invisible, so it can not be detected. It runs stealthily; It doesn’t notify the person who owns the device, except the user who installed it. She gets notified on her own Control Panel. mSpy has no icon with which it can be identified on the target device.

How Does mSpy Work

mSpy requires a compatibility check on the device to be monitored after which a user chooses a subscription plan. The user then proceeds to buy the mobile app. An email detailing login, password and installation guides is sent. A user can log into her personal Control Panel, the account created after purchase, with these login details.

After installation on a device, mSpy gathers data and show it in the Control Panel which can be accessed from any internet browser. However, internet connection is needed on the target device for data to be transferred to the Control Panel.

Users can monitor as many devices as they want. Multiple devices to be monitored can be changed variably for mspy free trial under a subscribed plan. This simply means when an mSpy app is installed on a device, a user can change the target device as often as he or she likes without having to buy another license. But these devices can not be monitored at the same time; simultaneously. This cell phone spy never goes wrong and all offers are to its users’ consistency.

Compatible Phones and Devices

A user needs to know that the operating system version installed on target device must match with the mSpy software version.

mSpy supports all smartphones and tablets that run on:

  • Android 4+ versions.
  • iOS – (iPhone, iPads and iPods) 6- 8.4; 9 – 9.1
  • Windows devices.

It is recommended to do a check of OS version on a target device before you proceed to buy its software version.


After a purchase is done on it official website, a confirmation email and installation guide is sent to your mailbox. A click on the receive direct link will take you to the mSpy control panel. Log into the account and follow the procedures provided.

The only time a user is requested for the target device is only when she wants to install the mSpy spy phone app software. The user needs to have a full authorized physical access to the target device, launch the device browser. She then types in the link for downloading the program as sent. This user can now proceed with the installation.
By installing mSpy, you confirm your intention to use the software legally.

After installation, since monitoring is done remotely, the software starts monitoring the device immediately. Kindly visit the official web to read more details.

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