Pinterest is a popular content and image sharing website that Twitter in 2010. It is a Twitter go-to platform where users can go to find lovely images and contents that meet their immediate need. To enjoy the millions of Twitter and contents users do not need to have a Pinterest account but it is good to create a Pinterest account because this is the only way users can enjoy so much more features like following another user, access other user’s “board”, send messages and even drop a comment on a particular “pin” within Pinterest.

Pinterest - How Does Pinterest Work | How to Setup a New Pinterest Account

It is great to know that so many people around the world are active users of the Pinterest platform. In fact as at January 2018, the number of active Pinterest users ran to about 18million. Anyone who needs valuable contents and images will find it pretty necessary to sign up and have an account. Females are more dominant on this platform than make for obvious reasons. A certain female friend of mine who is a wedding planner makes the Pinterest as her first point of call whenever she wants to assemble ideas for creative outlook.

How Does Pinterest Work

As mentioned earlier the Pinterest is a very interesting platform for everyone. Anyone can browse the image collection on Pinterest but only those who registered can have a username and password on this platform. The exciting thing about it is that you do not only use the platform for just fun. There are lots of serious tasks that can be done using Pinterest. All you need to do is visit to sign up for a Pinterest account. You can easily skip the sign up process of creating an account by just logging in via your twitter or Facebook account. In other words, if you don’t want to create a Username and password to sign up for an account all you need to do is use your previously registered Facebook or twitter account and you will be set to access Pinterest. Quite interesting. I will talk more about this below.

Basic Terms on Pinterest.

Pinterest has a number of terms that are peculiar to it. For instance you don’t say that you want to create a folder for files on Pinterest. Instead you will say that you want to create a “Board” for all your “Pins”. For clarity some of the unique terms on Pinterest are stated below.

  • Pin- This signifies any content added to Pinterest.
  • Board/Pinboard- This is a collection of pins that are usually assembled based on a theme, topic or idea.
  • Pinning- This is the act of adding something whether images or content to the Pinterest site.
  • Following- This is the term used to say that you have an interest in another user’s pins or collection of pins (board). Once you follow another user, you will be able to access their contents on your board.
  • Repinning- This is the act of placing pin from someone’s board into your own board.
  • Liking- This sends an idea to the user that pinned an image that you appreciate the image. In this case, such image will be added to your profile. It is good to note that such image will not be included to your board.

Setting up a Pinterest Account

To set up a Pinterest account, all you need to do is to first visit Here you will be required to provide a Username and password that will help you do the Pinterest login later on. Some basic questions will be asked like your age, sex, email address, country, category of interest will be asked. After filling out all these, a link will be sent to the email address supplied and this will help you proceed. The category of interest you provided will help Pinterest suggest images that you might be interested in. These images can be pinned to your profile.

If you do not want to create a new username and password, you can easily create a Pinterest by logging in to your twitter or Facebook account using your personal username and password. The advantage of Pinterest sign up using your twitter or Facebook account is that Pinterest will be able to connect with all your friends on Facebook and twitter instantly. This helps build your followers faster.

Unique Feature on Pinterest

You can directly go to your account straight from the URL point on your browser. When browser had been launched, all you need to do is just enter and that will take you directly into your account. For instance if your username is foladavies, all you need do is enter