There is no application in this current time and age that do not have the “Settings” option. Setting is like the tool box where alterations to the current nature of the application can be done. It is even more visible in social media platforms and Pinterest is not exempted. Just like the general definition or description of “Settings”, the Pinterest settings is the tool box that users can use to change or alter the current status of their Pinterest account.

Pinterest Settings - How to Access Pinterest Account Settings

The Pinterest settings is very useful because with it can users control some of  the content on their account  and also change the way certain aspects of their accounts are being operating.

Location of the Pinterest Settings on Pinterest

On the website that is when using your laptop or desktop to visit Pinterest website (, the “settings” can be found at the far right top corner of the Pinterest page. Just after the “Home”, “Profile”, “Explore” and “Notification” is a 3-dot icon. Clicking on the dot will reveal “Settings” amongst other options like “Help centre”, “Switch to business”, “Terms and privacy”, and “Log out”.

If you are using a mobile device, say an apple iOS, kindly go to the bottom of your Pinterest page and check for “Saved” icon. This is found at the extreme right after the “Explore” and “Notification” icons. By clicking on the “Saved” icon, you will be taken to “Settings”. Here, the settings contain “Edit profile”, “Edit Settings”, “Get Help”, “See terms and privacy”, and “Log out”.

Components of the Pinterest Settings

When using the mobile app on a mobile device, the components of the Pinterest Settings is kind of limited. They have been mentioned earlier on. However, when using the website on a desktop or laptop, the Pinterest Settings contains the following:

  • Account Basics.
  • Profile.
  • Claim website.
  • Notifications.
  • Home feed.
  • Social Networks.
  • Security.
  • Apps.

Account Basics

The account Basics shows user’s email address and password, as was used in creating  their account. It also includes the country and gender of the user.


Here users can see and change their First name and last name. They can also view and change their profile picture. Users can also provide a short description of themselves here.

Claim Website

Here users can provide their own website and also claim this website. By doing this, users can be able to track how the pins on their sites are doing.


The notification section helps users decide whether they want to be notified about different activities or not. For instance, activities from other users on Pinterest, whether straight to your phone or via email.

Home Feed

Here all pins “picked for you” can be allowed to appear on user’s home feed. If not desired, users can change this here.

Social Networks

All the other social networks that are connected to your Pinterest account are listed here. Users also have the right to choose which social network they want to be connected to their account.


Pinterest reveals every devices that have logged into your account. If user do not recognize any device or session shown on this space, they can be immediately suspicious of a third party user and therefore revoke such sessions.


All the apps and plugins that have been downloaded and installed so as to make Pinterest perform better and faster will be shown here. Users have the right to remove any of these apps at any time they wish.

It is your account and you have the tools (Pinterest Settings) you need to make the account run just the way you want it. Click on “Save settings” to effect changes. Click on “Cancel” to revoke any changes and stick to the precious or default setting.