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Entertainment is one of the most used means to lighten up one’s mood. And when we talk about entertainment sources, movies happen to be one of them. Movies are however available on many websites for users to view or download to their device rather than visiting the cinema which could cost them so much. One of the websites that allow users to download movies to their device from the 123movies platform.

123movies is a platform that allows users to get movies of different genres. Users can either choose to view these movies online or simply download them to their device to watch offline. With this website, users can easily make a cinema scene in their home, and watch a movie on the website with their friends or family. To enjoy the benefits and features of this platform users can use this URL https://123movies.co to access the website on their device web browser.

Features Of 123movies.co

There are many things to make use of on 123movies.co, when a user visits the website they will be able to make use of the search engine on the homepage to find a movie. When a user wants to make use of the website search engine. They will have to input the name of the movie into it and click the search button. After that, the search engine will provide them with results containing movies relating to the title they input into the search engine.

Another feature is that users can enter the movie they want to view from the search result. The search engine saves users the stress of trying to locate and find movies on the website. When with the search engine, they can easily pinpoint the movie they want to download and stream. There’s also an optional sign-up process available on the website. When users signup for the platform, they will be able to get news and updates on movies & TV series newly added to 123movies.co.

123movies.co has a section at the bottom of the homepage which contains a list of websites that carries out similar services. The likes of Gomovies, Xmovies8, Gostream, and many others are on the list for users to visit if they want to. 123movies has a media player which allows users to stream videos online. While making use of this media player to watch a movie, users can also click the download button in it to save it to their device. When the user does that, they will be able to watch the movie later offline on their device.

123movies Categories

Users can check out the movies categories section on 123movies.co for a movie. It also helps locate a movie easily, especially when you do not know the movie to enter into the search engine to find on the website. There are different options to check out in the categories section. They include;

  • Anime.
  • Trending.
  • Movies.
  • TV Series.
  • Episodes.
  • Genre.
  • Requests.

Each and every one of these movie menu options’ names vividly explains what it contains. Users in search of what movie to watch at any given point in time can select from any of the above options. If a user enters any of the above options they will see different movies that they might find interesting from their overviews and descriptions.

How To Watch 123movies Free Movies Online

Watching movies online on 123movies.co is an amazing and fun thing to do. This is possible with the in-built website media player. So, with the following steps, users can watch movies online.

  1. Open the website http://123movies.co on your device web browser.
  2. Type the name of the movie in the search option.
  3. Click the search option.
  4. Enter the movie from the search result.
  5. Click the play button on the website’s media player.

Immediately after the above steps, the movie will begin to play. As long as a user knows the name of the movie they want to watch, they can do so with the above steps. Users that want to view a movie on 123movies.co but do not know what to watch. They can enter any of the menu section options which contain different movies. Users can watch a movie by selecting from the movies list they find in these options.