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123movies.com is a movie website where you can find thousands of movies. All movies that can be found on 123movies can be viewed by users only when there are online. This is a website whereby users do not need to think of downloading movies before watching it. This is an online stream website that is free and open to all users who visit this website. To get a fast update, users can subscribe to 123movies mailing list to receive updates on movies, TV series and news.


123movies.com allows users to watch full movies online for free without creating any account. In this website, there are millions of interesting movies arranged in different categories and genres such as action, adventures, animation, comedy, drama, and lots more there. 123movies constantly upload new movies that are newly produced, for instant movies you can find in the cinema. Movies123 helps users to stream their movies in a different way like HD, all movies that are on this website are classified in different qualities like HD, SD, CAM etc.

123movies.com Web Portal

This website is very easy and simple one when it comes to navigating its options. Users can easily browse around to search for their favorite movies. 123movies.com never ceases to impress me because, on its interface, you can find all movies. You can find old movies that you would like to see again, those that are fresh, yes the newest you have not seen before. All you have to do is just search for movies of any kind by entering the title on the search bar on the interface.

Everything is made easy and free. Isn’t it great that I stopped wasting some pennies to get movies on some other portals? All I do is just to connect my device to the internet and I am good to go. Streaming movies online is made easy, free and unlimited. It is all thanks to this sublimed portal, it is one of a kind.  Visit 123movies portal and stream full movies for free on the website. 123movies’s various options are well laid and their main menus are arrayed at the top section of the page. Trust that every user always gets what he or she wants on 123movies web portal.

Each main menu embeds a number of divisions, some of which can be viewed when you move your mouse cursor on a selected menu. One of these, when clicked, redirect a user to a full page which displays its contents. On the other hand, a main menu can easily be switched to another on the top section on the web portal interface. The following are as listed on 123movies.com main menu section.

  • Home
  • Genre
  • TV series
  • Top IMDb
  • A-z list
  • News
  • Request
  • Country

www.123movies.com Features

There are many features comprised on the online streaming portal which enable users to watch its movies; hurdle free yet at no cost. I already mentioned the various menus under which the portal categorizes its service. Too, also, the portal encloses a search engine with which a user can quickly find his preferred movies. Enormous movies of different genres, countless TV-series and top IMDB are all coupled on this great cinema place.

To ensure a virtual and thorough movie searches, users are provided with country options and an A-Z list. These enhance users’ searches. You can find movies by the specific country where they are produced. At the same time, users can sort through thousands of movies by searching with a number or letter. Its so called A-Z list filters results according to the letter clicked by a user on the arranged alphabets. It is fun using this because it feels like a game when navigating through the results. Just tap an alphabet, browse through results displayed, click your preferred search and start watching. It is as simple as that!

You don’t need to worry about anything; it will search a good result for you provided the movie you search for is on the website. Users can change their browsing mode with its two option theme. No worries when you try to stream a movie at night, its night mode suits so good. With its request feature, users can ask for an upload of movies they can’t find on the 123movies interface. However, only its registered members are liable to use this feature. 123movies.is is for all; persons, devices and places.

123movies Login

Let me remind you, yes, streaming movies online is accessed by all visitors on the portal. Don’t be surprised that I never made mention of being a member earlier. I will try my best to analyze this chosen topic, of course clearly. You can watch unlimited movies on www.123movies.com for free; hence it does not mandate its users to become members. In any case, being a member licenses the use of 123movies unlimited features. Become a member for free and enjoy full range of functions while seeing its exciting films.

123movies Sign Up | Login

Have you been watching movies as a visitor on this online streaming site? It’s high time to join a moving training full of its registered users. Sign up today to own an account on this galleria portal. If you are an existing user, just log into your account and keep the thrills on the move, anywhere at any time. Watch HD movies online for free, like and add your favorite videos. You just have to become a member before you can access this and some other features. The following steps will guide a new user to create an account on the platform.

  1. Launch your browser and enter the url www.123movies.com on the address search bar.
  2. Tap the Login box on the right edge section on the page.
  3. Click on Join Now beneath the account box.
  4. Enter the details and tick the reCAPTCHA box.
  5. Proceed with Register.

After this easy process, you can then log into your account by filling your login details. I believe you now know how to search for your favorite films (which I have stated earlier in this post). Why wait any longer? Login and start watching thousands of movies at the comfort of your home, office; all places.

Users should note that when they enter the above url, they will be redirected to www.gostream.is portal. The first and the latter are the same portal, do not be confused. They both cover all the analysis I have made so far. You are offered an A1 service for no token at all. Take the chance, sign up now and let the fun begins!