13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2022 December

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13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2022 December – A significant way to definitely turn up your Christmas holiday is by watching good movies available on the HBO Max streaming platform. There are tons of good movies that are available on the platform that is sure to make your days more festive and pleasurable. With just a $ 10-a-month subscription fee, you stand a chance to explore and stream as many amazing movies and such. Luckily, we will be recommending some good movies that you can watch with friends and loved ones this holiday for fun.

13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2022 December

Furthermore, HBO Max happens to have a large library of revolving movies both old and new, but more interesting. This article will help you get a much more helpful view of the best movies to watch for Christmas. Read on one to get better recommendations for your screen time.

What Are 13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2022 December?

December has settled in and everyone is looking for ways to make this holiday more enjoyable. Luckily, you can stream the best movies on HBO Max to enjoy screen time with your loved ones. Here are some 13 Good Movies on HBO Max to Watch this 2022 December:


Kimi is an educative movie that tells tales of real-life happening but in an exciting way. It tells the story of an agoraphobic tech worker who happens to discover evidence of a violent crime. Trying to report it, she faces obstacles to prevent her from seeking justice. Having the thriller genre filled with drama, it is sure to leave you wanting more.

The Fallout

This is a 2022 movie that shows sad scenes as it deals with friendships, relationships, and school all with the main lead.  The movie tells the story of a shooting that occurs at her high school leading to her reinventing herself and her relationships. Directed by Megan Park and starring the amazing Jenna Ortega as the main lead, you can be sure that this movie won’t be a disappointment. Be sure to check it out to get the best out of it

8-Bit Christmas

Do you know the persistent event where your child or little relative keeps asking for a game set or a Nintendo play set?  Well, this movie kicks off with a similar dilemma. However, the dedicated 10 years old boy makes this his unyielding mission. He has much to learn along the way while his brother still reminisces on his quest to achieve the same game console. This is another one of the Must watch movies you simply have you try out.

Father Of The Bride

This is a 2022 movie in the comedy genre along with Drama and a hint of romance. It tells the story of a Cuban American father who has to struggle with the term that his daughter would be leaving him soon.  What’s more, he has to come to grips on his beloved daughter’s wedding and you will be sure to love this one as it has the comedy genre.

Don’t worry, Darling

If you are a huge fan of Harry Stylers, this movie casts him in all his glory as an actor. It has the movie genre Mystery, Horror, Crime and Drama.  This movie pretty much depicts how the wives stay home while the husbands are off doing mysterious work. Stream the movie on HBO Max to learn all about the mysterious events going on under the surface.


Looking for an interesting horror movie to watch this season? This is pretty much one of the best recommendations currently available. Directed by Zach Cregger and having the genre thriller and horror, this movie comes out perfectly clever. It tells the story of a woman who had her Airbnb double booked and has to share the same house with a crazy man. Luring her into a creepy basement for nefarious plans, watch to learn about what happens after.

The Bob’s Burger Movie

With a combination of Adventure, Animation, and Musical, this animation/ movie is ranked among the best movies to watch this Christmas. With a slice of Comedy thrown in the mix, this animation has a lot to offer to streamers this Christmas. The family tries to save the restaurant from a recent threat of financial ruin. Stream the animation now to swatch this long episode of the Bob’s Burgers film.

13 Good Movies on HBO Max – Old

This is a great 2021 movie that one has to watch….and also rewatch again and it’s just perfect for this Christmas holiday. Furthermore, it has a genre combination of drama, thriller, and mystery. In addition to this, it tells the story of a family along with others who get stuck on a secluded beach and discovers that it is causing them all to age at a really fast pace.

The Batman

This is no animated film as it stars the amazing Robert Pattison and also Zoe Kravitz who acted in the movie, Kimi. You never know what to expect unless you watch this great movie that is available on HBO Max for you to stream. Furthermore, it tells the tale of Batman hunting a hard crack killer who is quite fond of leaving behind cryptic messages. There are so many twists in this movie you can almost taste the suspense. But, all of these won’t happen unless you actually watch the movie.

Death On The Nile

One of the greatest, mystery and Adventure filled movies to ever debut in this year 2022 is Death on the Nile. Do you remember Sherlock and his clever brain? Well, we get tons of amazing scenes displaying all that excellence and intelligence. What’s more, it also starred the great Gal Gadot and was directed by Kenneth Branagh. You don’t want to miss it.

Dune: Part One

Want a good movie that features the amazing Zendaya actress? Dune: Part one is a great way to kick off that feeling and sate your excitement. Along with her co-stars, they delivered the perfect execution needed for this Drama and Science Fiction movie. Are you a Sci-Fi fan? Well, don’t miss out on this movie because it has a lot to offer. Watch what happens next when a young royal’s family is taken to another planet for a battle.

West Side Story

You only have to take a seat back to enjoy all the amazing scenes grouped together in the West Side Story movie. Directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg, it tells the story of a young couple who falls deeper into love but it sparks romance fuels and a war between two rival gangs. It has the genre Drama and Musical and is sure to bring back old memories of great cinema films.

Drive My Car

 Lastly, Drive my car is the 13th movie recommendation on the list and highlights the genre of Drama in its scene. This Korean movie sure makes its way on the list of the top best as it shows an aged and widowed actor who takes the job of directing a stage adaptation of ‘Uncle Vanya’. Striking a bond with his female chauffeur, he starts processing all his grief for his late wife through their conversations. Be sure to check it out as every moment is very precious, even to the viewers.

All the movies listed above are good Christmas movies that you can watch with your special bonds and can definitely make your Christmas days this December even more wholesome. All you have to do is subscribe to their plans and start streaming any recommended movie of your choice.