13 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2022 December

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13 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2022 December – Are you looking for something to do during the Christmas holiday? Perhaps you are wondering about the perfect movie you would like to watch this coming holiday. If you are, then you do not need to worry as this article has juicy recommendations for you to select from. 

13 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2022 December

Plex is an 0nline platform that allows users to easily stream all their favorite movies online and you can do so with your smartphones and laptops. There are tons of movies that you can stream on Plex and watch with your family and friends this December.

13 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2022 December

Now, you might want to read through the list to see all the good movies that you can watch and then select your favorite one to stream. Here are 13 good movies to watch on Plex to make your month:


This is a China movie set in the year 2018 that emulates the era of three of China’s kingdoms. Also, it tells the story of a king and his people that were expelled from their land but make plans to get it back. What’s more, it teaches a lot about patience and different motives.

We The Animals

This movie depicts the story of three half-white, Puerto Rican boys who grow up in Suburban New York. Furthermore, the boys and their parent’s relationship take a terrible turn as the children are left to fend for themselves and survive.

Stuck In Love

Take a look at this beautiful love story that shows the struggles of a father, his ex-wife, and his children. This movie shows their difficult struggles in experiencing love. What’s more, the movie shows their love story and it will leave you attached to the characters.

Woman At War

This movie is about a choir leader who has a secret life as an eco-warrior. Also, it is an Icelandic movie that has tons of stunning visuals and structures its story around complex times.

Summer Hours

It’s a French movie and was released in the year 2008. The story revolves around three siblings who have the task of sorting out the valuables of their mother. Even more, the eldest siblings seem to have another motive for how to handle sharing the inheritance.


This is a 2019 movie that revolves around a lady who goes by name of Lume. She is very guarded and low-spirited as she does her daily routine. There is nothing much as she just visits her doctor for help on getting pregnant. However, it yields no results and she decides to move to a witch doctor before transiting to a Televangelist.  

De Palma

An interesting, autobiographical documentary telling the old tales of De Palma’s fifty and more years as a filmmaker. Besides, this is a documentary that you are sure to enjoy as he makes his revelations on his bold choices when making movies.

The Trotsky

Do you want to watch a movie that gets you laughing at the screen? Then, select this movie and watch it. This is a Canadian comedy that ponders on the life of a young man who has a firm belief that he is the reincarnation of the Soviet Leader Leon Trotsky. Unarguably, he succeeds in starting a revolution in his father’s company.

Four Lions

Another great movie to stream on Plex this coming Christmas would be this movie. Furthermore, it has a combination of plain silliness, cultural relevancy, and humor. Moreover, it portrays the culture of Muslims, terrorism, and even its viewers. And it’s all in a funny way. Check out this movie and be sure to enjoy it.

99 Homes

One name: Andrew Garfield, and this movie centers around him. This is a film about a single father who lives with his mother in their family house. Unfortunately, the family is evicted from their home by a businessman without any plea. Desperate for work, Andrew has to start working for the businessman. You should stream it to see how it ends.

The Whistleblower

This is a movie based on a true story. This movie is a biography of a Nebraskan police officer who volunteered to be in the U.N. peacekeeping mission. However, she uncovers a human trafficking ring and is devasted to find out that she is all alone in the country.

American Animals

This is a true story and it comes out as a heist movie. This movie tells the tale of two close friends who make the decision to rob a local library. They plan to steal books that are worth millions and make a fortune. However, while making money is their main motive, they just want to do something different from their daily lives. 


Don’t Enter Room 1408” was a warning given to the main character in the movie. Having lost his daughter, the man, Mike Elsin, goes on a journey to debunk any theory about paranormal activities. That is until he enters room 1408.  This movie is a horror short story that is just perfect for streaming and relaxing. Don’t worry, there isn’t any gore.

Now that you know some of the best movie streaming Plex now, which one of these movies would you like to watch? All of these movies are available on Plex, so you can stream to your satisfaction.