18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Male & Female Pastor this Year 2022

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18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts – It’s the month of December in the year 2022 and you can tell that it’s the time for well wishes and sharing of gifts. Everyone looks forward to making the most of their holiday and sharing the best gifts with loved ones and acquaintances. If you are looking for the best December gifts that you can get for your male and female pastor this year, this article is the perfect detailed source that can tell you everything. You might be trying to come up with the best birthday gift item to give your man or woman of faith. Perhaps a more religious item to compliment the work of ministry or just him or her as a person.

18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Male & Female Pastor this Year 2022

However, if you are finding it a bit difficult to come up with the perfect gift item, you have no cause to worry. Because this article has cool gift ideas that you can give to your Male and Female pastors for their Birthdays in December. Read on in this article to find more amazing gifts you can give your spirit-filled pastors. Regardless of whether it is a male or if the pastor in question is your dad, mentor, your husband, experienced elder, or even your son. You can surely find the best gifts in our list below.

18 Amazing December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Male & Female Pastor this Year 2022

In this list below where I will be listing out gift items as birthday December gifts, keep in mind that these gifts can be gifted to any pastor. What’s more, they deserve something great for all their ministry work.

9 December Birthday Gifts To Buy Your Male Pastor

Are you having trouble trying to come up with the perfect birthday gifts to give your male pastor in December? Luckily, this section has some of the best gift ideas for your male pastor.

C-Pen Reader

A C-Pen is a thoughtful gift you can give your male pastor. This item is great for when he’s reading, researching, and many more tasks. What’s more, it’s perfect for highlighting texts and vital scriptures for his next sermon. Getting this gift item makes his work so much easier.

Journal Set

As a busy man who is constantly searching for God’s words and hearing from him, it might take a large bulk of paper to get down wisdom words. This is where getting him a journal set comes in handy.  A journal set oftentimes comes with a pen, bookmark, and more.  This is the perfect gift to give your pastor who is always writing a journal set.

A Shave Set

If your pastor doesn’t keep a beard and likes his skin free, getting your pastor a shave set is one of the best gifts you can offer him. Getting him a gift keeps his clean-shaven appearance is thoughtful.

A Personalized Leather Bible

Another thoughtful gift to give your male pastor would be a bible with his name inscribed. Personalizing the bible gift item of your pastor gives him the warm feeling of being loved as well as being a thoughtful gift. Just get him a leather bible personalized with his name and a little text, it’s a wonderful birthday December on its own.

A Tailored Suit

Another impressive gift that you can give to your male pastor as a December birthday gift includes a well-tailored suit. You could have one personally made for him or you can purchase an already-made one that suits him perfectly. This gift will be a great outfit for him to show up to church with.

Christian Artwork

A perfect resemblance to the word of God in his space would be to get him a Christian artwork. This is a true gift that he will always sight when he enters his office or his home.

Religious Books

 Going deeper and doing more research can help you discover new and amazing books that can be given to your male pastors. This is a way of telling him you appreciate his teachings and would like to learn more from him.  Get him books that he has probably never read before.

Engraved Pieces Of Art

You can come up with random, great gifts that you can engrave his name or religious texts and give to him. This can come up as a reminder of his members that cares for him. Any gift items that are both inspirational and religious are good enough for him.

Perfume Fragrance

Coming up with birthday gift items for your pastor could also mean giving him great gifts that aren’t altogether religious. It could just be a gift that makes him feel special as a person. A perfume set is altogether good for him as a December gift.

FOR Female Pastor

Here are some December birthday gifts that you can buy for your female pastor:

Scripture Throw Blanket

Purchasing this blanket is a pretty amazing gift as it comes with lots of scriptures on it. This also acts like a wrap when she uses it around her. Also, it could make her feel special like she is getting a hug from God himself.

Bible Carrying Case

This is a perfect gift to give her to carry her bible anywhere, from the church to various meetings. This protective case is waterproof and will keep her bible safe and protected from water and more.

Bible Journaling Kit

We all know how tempting it is to always mark our Bible. Swell, why don’t you get your female pastor a journaling kit that comes with everything? The journaling kit comes with colored pens, stencils, a pencil sharpener, no-bleed highlighters, and many more. The gift items also depend on where you purchase them and what it comes with.

A Gift Box

A gift box is another amazing gift that you can purchase for your female pastor for her December birthday gift. The gift box can come with various personalized gift items of your choice. Also, it could depend on what type of gift box you will be purchasing.

Inspirational Bible Verse Cards

You can perform your own part in sharing inspirational bible verses by getting g your female pastor inspirational bible verse cards. This is a gift that can help motivate her and it is one that she will continually go back to for inspiration. Not only is it thoughtful, but it is also highly motivational.

A Jewelry Set

Another gift that is sure to wow your female pastor and improves her physical appearance is by gifting her a jewelry set. This is so much better in giving her wardrobe a silver lining. What’s more, it can be bought at your local store or an online store.

Wall Art Print

You can get your female pastor a wall art print that screams someone special. You can get one that is biblical or get personalized art with her name or initials. Furthermore, it can be purchased in any size, either as a print or a canvas and more.

Throw Pillows

Another cool December birthday gift that is sure to last a while would be purchasing amazing pillows. These throw pillows can be bought in different fabrics and colors. What’s more, it can either be personalized to fit her unique taste.

2023 Weekly Planner

Looking for something simple but one that will last a while? Why don’t you get your female pastor a weekly 2023 planner? This planner will be coming with a calendar already printed with the days of next year. In addition, it could also be filled with inspirational quotes and challenges. Furthermore, it could be coming with colorful pages that keep her motivated.

These are some of the best December birthday gifts that you can give your male and female pastor this 2022. It will be sure to be a memorable one.