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Are you interested in anime but cannot find a safe site to stream it? The 4anime is the best site you can always visit to stream the English subbed and dubbed anime. The site gives the opportunity to stream any of your favorite anime for free with no hidden charges. Aside from streaming the anime, you can also download the anime on your mobile device. The site is amongst the largest pirate streaming with millions of people visiting the site monthly. You get categories that are highlighted on the site like action, comedy, drama, demons, romance, samurai, historical, supernatural, shounen, school, and so on.

Just like other websites you can stream anime you have to pay in order to stream the anime but, the 4anime allows you to stream any of your favorite for free. The website allows enjoying anytime you are streaming the anime and they include excellent quality anime, your entertainment cost is reduced, access to your beloved anime is unlimited, eliminate download tines, and so on. Children below the age of 12 can always carry a unique for refreshing the animation imagination. You are offered the best while they are delivering to you the latest anime in dubbed and English subbed for free.


The 4animeto offers you anime episodes and movies for example kimestu no yaiba. They operate with the aim of helping it community as the website is free and with over 2000 anime series and movies. The anime can be downloaded on your mobile device like your android, tablets, and so on.  4animeto is the safest sire you can stream anime in dubbed and English subbed for free. They offer you the anime in a very high definition so that you can enjoy it whenever you are streaming the anime on their website.

Persona 4 the Animation

The animation series is actually based on Atlus’ Playstation 2 video game. The series has 26 episodes and it can be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Daisuki and you can purchase the series also on iTunes and Prime Video. The anime story is revolving around a teenager who moves to a town called Inaba and he discovers an alternate reality with his new friends. Stream on 4anime to know about it.


The 4animes offers fast loading speed, optimized UI and UX, excellent customer service, and much more. All the anime that is streamed on this website through your mobile device, for example, smartphones, tablets, and so on are all for free. As an anime fan and otaku, the 4anime is an amazing anime app they must have. You get anime from all across the globe for free with no hidden charges.

4anime Reddit

This means your favorite anime can be checked on Reddit. You can download the anime episodes can be downloaded to your mobile device or any of your electronic devices. Note that, it can be downloaded with or without the use of wifi while you are traveling. The anime Reddit has very nice organized genres that allow you to pick the next anime to watch. You can talk about the anime on Reddit as well.

4anime Naruto

The anime naruto has 218 episodes which you can stream on 4anime and the anime is very good with high level, remote control of anime naruto, and so on. The latest series will take you on a colorful and breathtaking ride. You can get 4anime naruto on 4anime at a bigger saving.

4anime Attack on Titan

The anime series is about a world where humanity resides inside the cities that are surrounded by huge walls. Meanwhile, these walls gives them protection against titans, gigantic humanoid creatures. On the 4anime website, you get good quality brands and also a lot of discounts when you shop for them. The anime has 16 episodes and the final season for the anime will out soon. The anime can also be streamed on Netflix and others.

4anime One Piece

4anime allows you to watch the one-piece anime series for free. The series is all about Monkey D. Luffy who plans on becoming a sea-robber. The genre of the anime series is action and adventure. Also, it is on the PS4 platform. the anime series episode is 992 and it has an additional music pack that adds the popular track from the TV anime one piece as the game background music.