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Are you an Android device user? Are you looking for the best platform to download games as a game lover? Relax as I have got a suggestion for you in this article. No doubt there are so many game platforms you can find on the internet. But not all of them provide what we want. Now you have nothing to worry about as there is one that has a large library of games both the ones you can call your favorite and more. This platform is known as 9games.


9games is a web platform that provides and enables users that visit the web platform to get apps and games for their respective mobile devices. All the users have to do is visit their web platform which is www.9game.com. All the apps that an Android mobile device user dreams of getting can be gotten from the 9games web platform.

9games web platform which is 9game.com can be accessed with any mobile device as long as you have internet. The web platform is compatible with all major mobile device web browsers. So users would not have an issue accessing the 9games web platform.

9games Web Platform

The web address for 9games is www.9game.com which is the official web address you enter in your address bar. 9games has many amazing features which make it easy and fun to use. The features are.

  • Home.
  • Category.
  • Rank.
  • Featured.
  • Gift.


This is found on the home page of the 9games web platform. It actually the menu that users that visit the web platform would see first before trying to go to other places on the web platform. They are sub-menus under the home menu. Each of the names of these menus has a meaning and games which are shown on them respectively. Users can select from any of the games of their choice from each of these sub-menus. The sub-menus are;

  • Small Games Super Cool.
  • Popular Games Super Hot.
  • Tiny Games Collection.
  • Disney Casual Games.
  • High-Quality Collection.
  • Real-World Games.
  • Offroad & Parkour.
  • Crazy Racing Games.
  • Category.
  • Gangster VS Super Hero.
  • Killing Time Games.
  • Hot Featured.
  • Super Action Games.
  • Happy Casino Games.
  • Best Pick For You.
  • New Releases.

So a user who visits the 9games web platform can easily find a game that he or she likes from the sub-menus under the Hone menu on the web home page. 9games is to give you your favorite game in one click.


This is a menu on the 9games web platform which is also found on the home page. It contains different categories of games that users can use to easily find and download a game he/she desires. Each category of games contains different similar games that the user can select from. The categories are.

  • Racing.
  • Sporting
  • Action.
  • Shooting.
  • ADV.
  • Casual.
  • Adult.

Just to name a few. Each of these categories contains a huge amount of games. So for users to use this menu they to know the category in which the game they are in search of is located. Once they know where it is, all they have to do is enter the category menu from the home page of the web platform. Then click on the category option where the game they are in search of is categorized.

9Games Rank

The Rank menu is can also be used by users who visit the web platform. It contains a list of top-rated games which a user can select from. It contains four different ranked games menu. They are.

  • New.
  • Top.
  • Trending.
  • Google Play.

Each of these different menus has its different ranking rules and methods of how they place their games. So if a user is in search of top games, they can check under the Rank menu on the home page. To select the top-rated game of their choice.


Users that visit the 9games web platform in search of games and apps can also use this menu. This is to direct them to games and apps which they can select from. The featured menu contains two sub-menu that users can use to select a game to download from the web platform. The two sub-menus are Hot and All. The HOT sub-menu contains, new top-rated featured games, while the ALL sub-menu contains top featured games in the web platform.


This menu in the 9games web platform contains reviews on games that are on the web platform. These reviews are those on games that are new on the web platform. So if a user is in search of a game to get from the web platform. They can check under the Gift menu to see reviews of newly added games so that they can be able to get a game that they like.


The 9games web platform deals with only Android devices. Users can only make use of the apps and games on the web platform on Android devices. So for a user to be able to make use of this amazing web platform they must already have an Android device.