Do you want to add marketplace on facebook? Are you a Facebook user and looking for a way to buy and sell on the platform? Have you thought of making use of the facebook marketplace feature? If you haven’t thought of the facebook marketplace or haven’t made use of it, I endure you to start thinking about it. But before I go any further what is the facebook marketplace? Of course, not everyone knows f this magnificent facebook feature. Some Facebook users don’t even know if it exists. Yes, it does exist and it is real.

What Is The Facebook Marketplace?

This is a Facebook feature just in case you are wondering. Now, what is this facebook feature all about? This is a place or a platform on facebook where facebook users can conveniently buy and sell on facebook from places close to them and beyond. Facebook as we all know is a social media platform that embodies a whole lot. By the above I simply mean that with facebook just anything can be done. You can promote your business; also you can buy and sell amongst other things. This platform is not just called the best for no reason. It can be used for both professional and private use. Like I was saying with the facebook marketplace you can get great items on the cheap.

How to Add Marketplace on Facebook

Before I say anything on the above, I am going to first of all ask a question, can you add marketplace on facebook? The answer to the above question is pretty straight forward. You cannot add marketplace on facebook. This feature should be on your facebook account by default. This means that if you do not have the feature and icon on your facebook account that means that the facebook marketplace feature is not yet available on your region.

How to Access

You can access this feature by clicking or tapping on the marketplace icon on your facebook account page. On android devices the icon can be found on the top right corner of your facebook account page. On iOS devices it can be found on the bottom left corner of your facebook account page. While on desktop PCs it can be found on the left hand column of your facebook account page.

You should know that this facebook feature cannot be accessed by every facebook user. It is only to some not all. Just in case you do not find the marketplace icon on your facebook page just know that the feature is not yet available to your region or country. And also if it available to you, you must be 18 years and older before you can access it via your facebook account.