AirPods Cover – Buy Case for Apple Airpods

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The Airpod case is a protective case that helps prevent Airpods from damage if it falls. The case always comes in different designs. The Airpod case is a protective cover for your Airpod case and you can also make use to charge the Airpods.

AirPods Cover - Buy Case for Apple Airpods

The Airpod case size is base on how your Airpods are shaped and the color you want the case to be.  The case can be best, unique, custom, or even handmade from their electronics and accessories shops. The Airpod case can be wire and as well be wireless when you want to charge it.

Well, we all know that Airpods give us active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and a customizable fit for our all-day comfort.  The Airpods case is in different colors, and designs, and also the one with shock absorption and scratch.

The case is in different brands, materials, and device covers based on age, and price.  The case can be Lil ghosts Airpods case by GMF designs, spring botanicals by Lisa continent, and so on.

Wireless Airpod Case

The wireless Airpod case charges your Airpods without you putting the charger in the charging port. But by putting in the Qi-compatible charging mat. So with the Qi-compatible charging mat, you do not have to take your charger along with you all the time or worry that the Airpods are draining. The Qi-compatible charger is the best deal for you. You can purchase this wireless Airpod case from Amazon, jumia, Walmart, myistore ad so on.

Airpod Cover

The Airpod case is much styled and also in different designs to satisfy you. Which is in silicone, supreme, iPhone, color, apple, case, and so on with an added Casetify ring for your convenience. The Airpod case also protects your Airpods from unexpected falls, scratches, and cracking. The case price differs which is based on the type you want to buy.

Is Gen 1 and Gen 2 Airpods Cases the Same?

The Gen 1 and Gen 2 Airpods do not have the same charging case. But you can still either of the cases to charge the Airpods interchangeably.  The difference is that the 2nd generation Airpods which are the Airpods 2 and pro cases can be charged wirelessly through the Qi wireless charging. And also scrapping the need for a cord to plug in

Personalized Airpods

How can I personalize my Airpods? You can personalize by doing that on your IOS device. And that can be done by going to the setting on your IOS device. You can change the name of your Airpods or just adjust the double-tap and ear detection features. then you have personalized your earbuds nobody will be able to connect to your Airpods except you alone.