Good news to all MTN users as the telecommunication company recently launched a versatile app known as Ayoba. Ayoba is an all-around app that provides free instant messaging, games, news, music and artists, health & fitness, sports, and more. Undoubtedly, MTN is one of the biggest mobile networks companies in Africa and it has millions of users. Ayoba is aimed at connecting thousands of people together on a single interface. It simply makes use of a mobile number and you can register today for free.

All You Need to Know About Ayoba, MTN'S Newly Launched App - Ayoba App

One interesting thing about Ayoba is that it is free to all MTN subscribers. This means that if you use the MTN network, you can send texts, audio, images, and files, using Ayoba app without incurring any additional costs. That is the reason why we said it’s a Goodnews to all MTN users. However, we are not saying that you should if you are not using MTN, you should discard the SIM. If you are using a different network provider, you can use Ayobame as well. The only difference is that MTN users enjoy its services for free. Should you change your phone you can use Ayoba on the new phone as long as it is still the number. Your account details are tied to your phone number.

How Ayoba Works

Ayoba is quite similar to WhatsApp as it makes use of your mobile number. To get started on this platform, you need an active mobile number. One interesting thing about Ayoba is that it is absolutely free to use. Ayoba does not charge you a dime for using any of its services. It only makes use of your mobile data. You can use a 4G, 5G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, and a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages to your families and friends. Thus, you can see that it is really an amazing platform. The cost of data charge will depend on the type of subscription you make with your network provider.

Ayoba App

In the meantime, Ayoba has a fast super app compatible with mobile devices. With the app, you can play, chat, call, share, listen, and do many other things. However, the app is only available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from Google Play and App Store respectively. Besides, you can download it on Mod Apk Stores. For MTN users, no data is charged meaning they can download it for free.

Why Should I Use Ayoba?

As an African, this app is a must-use app for you as it offers different services to satisfy your specific needs. It is more than just a communication app as you can do other things on it. It is decked is numerous fascinating innovations for all users. If you are from the African race, you should be excited to use this versatile app tailored to meet your needs and aspirations.

  • Privacy and security: This is probably the best feature of Ayoba. Everybody wants privacy and Ayoba is providing that for free. It offers end to end encryption services to make sure prying eyes can see the conversation you have with your friends. Your messages cannot be seen by anyone else even the Ayoba team.
  • Listen to songs of different artists: It has a music section that allows you listen to songs from top artists in your country and other countries. While chatting, you can listen to songs for free.
  • Read news on Ayoba and stay updated about its platform.
  • Explore new on all categories. Read South African news updates in politics, business and sports. Also, you can view latest news and reviews of your favorite shows.
  • Check the latest in sports and via different sporting channels and get football updates, golf, tennis news, motorcycling racing updates, cricket update’s, international rugby and live scores.
  • Play tons of amazing games on your mobile device ranging from puzzle, adventure, and action.
  • Get health and fitness news and from different channels.

There are several other benefits you’ll get to enjoy from Ayoba apart from what is listed above. You can also get the latest in education, fashion & beauty. Above all, it has a search bar that you can use to search for anything you want.

Ayoba Sign in

Getting started with Ayoba is free and pretty easy to go about. Despite the fact that Ayoba offers a wide range of services, you can enjoy them all for free. All you need to sign up is s valid mobile number. Ayoba is available in all continents of the world but in selected markets. To sign up for Ayoba, follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Ayoba app on your Android and iOS.
  • Select the language you want and tap ‘’Continue’’
  • Choose your country/region and enter your phone number on the second field.
  • A notification will pop-up telling you that a registration code will be sent to the number. If the number is correct, tap OK. If otherwise, edit the number.
  • An SMS is sent into your inbox. Enter the code into the verification code box and tap Continue.
  • Now enter the name you want to use for your Ayoba account and click ‘’SAVE’’.

Then permit Ayoba to access your contacts. With that, you can connect with all your friends. If any of your friends are using Ayobame, you’ll get to see them immediately.