What do you know of the Amazon app store? If you do not know a lot on this platform you should at least have heard of the name. The Amazon app store is the same as every other. It works and operates like every other app store. On this app store, you can identify and download apps. Truth is, it is not as popular as the Google play store or the Amazon app store. But it is in catching distance as the Google play store and the apple app store. The Amazon app store is made for Android devices. But it is being operated by the Amazon company.

Amazon App Store - Amazon Apps | www.Amazon.com

Well, I don’t know much on this app store but I do know that it was opened on the 22nd March 2011. After the app store was opened it was made available in almost 200 countries. Developers whose app are on this app store are paid 70% of the app price or in-app purchases. If you are a blackberry user then you should know of the Amazon app store. This is because blackberry devices use this app store to purchase and download apps.

Since its inception, it has had its ups and downs. There have been mixed reactions from the general public on the app store. It has received law suits from the apple company for copyright and other reasons. It has also received criticism from the international game developers association (IGDA).

Number of Applications on the Amazon App Store

Despite the ups and downs faced by this app store, it has shown quite the resilience. It has developed steadily over the years. And this simply shows that there are people actually making use of the platform despite what its competitors are trying to portray concerning the platform. When it was launched in March 2011, it had only 3,800 apps. Later in June 2004, the apps on the app store had grown from 80,000 in June 2013 to 240,000. In June 2015 the store has had almost 334,000 apps and as of January 2019, the store has over 452,000 apps listed. Wow, now with this if growth has a face that would be the face.

How to Get the Amazon App Store

For you to get this app store is quite easy and at the same time technical. If you do not know how you cannot do it. For you to get this app store on your device, follow the steps below;

  • Change the security settings on your android device regarding apps. You will need to check the box next to unknown sources.
  • After that go to this link; www.amazon.com/getappstore.
  • Tap on the download tab.

The app will be downloaded to your device immediately. Open the app on your device to complete the installation process. After that, you can now get access to apps on the Amazon app store.