Have you made use of the amazon books function and platform? The amazon books is a feature or a platform of the amazon company. This is a set of certain bookstores owned by amazon. For you to know what the amazon books really is you need to know what the amazon platform is all about. Amazon is a multinational company.

Amazon Books - The Amazon Platform | Amazon Kindle

We all know this already. The main focus of this American company is in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce marketplace. What I am trying to get at is that the Amazon platform is one that multi-tasks. Amazon even has a books platform. The books platform is available both online and on bookstores. Amazon books have seventeen stores in total as of 2018. Although it has plans to expand.

It is important that you know that the first amazon book store was opened in November 2015 and it has been said to be the first permanent store from amazon. The amazon bookstores have books stocked in bookshelves. And unlike other bookstores the books in amazon bookstores are displayed in such a way that their covers are facing outwards instead of their spines. The reason for this is that amazon wants to showcase authors and their work instead of efficiently maximizing space.

In these book stores you can actually purchase books and the shelves in which the books are stocked do display start ratings and reviews from the amazon site.

How to Get Access

You can get access to amazon books in two ways. You can get through to amazon books via amazon kindle which is an e-book platform. The other way through which you can get access is through the amazon bookstores.

These bookstores are physical stores. You can visit any of their shops in the United States and purchase their books. To get the location of amazon bookstores visit the amazon bookstore platform online. Or if you think that will be stressful for you, I will be giving some of the locations of these bookstores. Below are locations of some of amazon bookstores;

  • Seattle Washington – university village.
  • Tigard, Oregon – Washington square.
  • San Diego, California – Westfield UTC.
  • Chicago Illinois – Southport corridor.
  • Dedham, Massachusetts – legacy place.
  • Lynnfield Massachusetts – market street Lynnfield.
  • new York City – the shops at Columbus circle.
  • Paramus, new jersey – garden state plaza.
  • Bellevue, Washington – Bellevue square.
  • San Jose, California – Santa row.
  • new York City – 34th street.
  • Los Angeles California – Westfield century city.
  • walnut creek California – Broadway California.
  • Washington Dc – Georgetown.
  • Bethesda, Maryland – Bethesda row.
  • Austin, Texas – the domain.
  • Los Angeles, California – palisades village.

These are the locations of the 17 amazon bookstores in the United States of America. Like is earlier said, amazon have other plans of expanding.