Amazon Credit Card Payment

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Amazon Credit card payment – Amazon offers the best credit cards for customers who love shopping online and in physical stores. An Amazon credit card will offer you bigger buying power at top shopping sites in the world.  With used and new products from its incredible inventory and third-party sellers, the worldwide retailer has something for every customer. And provides amazing financial benefits with the branded credit cards.

Amazon Credit Card Payment

The Store card can be used to purchase items on Amazon-branded physical stores and Also, if you have opened an account before 2021, you can make use of the card that accepts Amazon pay. Credit card holders are also eligible for purchase for 6, 12, or twenty months by making equal payments monthly.

But keep in mind that, after using the Amazon credit card, you will need to pay your bills. As a cardholder, you should already know about the late payment fee. And to avoid this, you need to make payment on time. Presently there are many ways to make Amazon credit card payments, and they will be made known to you in this article. So, you should follow this article to the end to know the best ways to make Amazon store card payments.

How to Make Credit Card Payment Online

One of the easiest ways to pay your credit card bill is via the online process. All you just need to do is log in to your account at and make a payment.

Whether you want to make small payments or pay off your Amazon credit card balance. This bill pay option requires you to login into your account at Synchrony Bank Amazon online center. Follow the below steps to make payment online;

  • Login to your Synchrony Bank Amazon online credit center account.
  • Put your cursor on ‘’Payment’’ and click ‘’View and Make Payments.’’
  • Select if you want to pay your current balance or make minimum payments, statement balance, or other option
  • Choose a payment date
  • Enter the required information in the appropriate field and confirm.

The Synchrony website also offers credit card holders the option to ‘’Pay as Guest.’’ This means you can make Amazon credit card payments without logging in to your account. To make use of this payment feature, you will have to enter your card number, Zip code, and social security number

Amazon Credit Card Payment by Phone

You can make your payment by calling Synchrony Bank’s automated payment system on your phone. Also, you can press zero on the phone to have a customer service representative assist you. Follow the below steps to pay for your credit card by phone

  • Call the number you find in this link
  •  Wait for instructions and press two on your phone keypad
  • Listen to the instructions, and tap one on your keypad
  • Enter the Amazon card account number so that the system can identify your account

Now, follow the prompts to make your payments successfully. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to make the process successful.

 How to Make your Amazon Credit Card Payment by Mail

Synchrony also allows Amazon store cardholders to make payments through the mail. However, you need to know that the crediting of the payment may be delayed for five days after synchrony acknowledges the receipt. Follow these steps to make a mailed payment

  • Make out your money order or check to Amazon or Synchrony Bank
  • Put down the remittance form from your statement with the payment. And fill in the amount you will like to pay

Send the payment to the email you find on Synchrony’s main website. You can now follow the instructions shown on your screen to complete the payment process.

When is My Amazon Store Card Bill Due?

As an Amazon Credit cardholder, your credit card due date comes at a minimum of 23 days past the billing cycle’s close. If your balance is paid by the due date each month; you won’t be charged interest on purchases. However, failure to make the payment on time, you will be charged up to $40.

This is why it is very important to make your Amazon Credit card payment on time. Make use of any of the above ways to pay your bills before payments are due.