What is the Amazon homepage? For those persons making use of the Amazon online platform either via web browsers or via mobile apps, they are not new to this topic ‘Amazon homepage. But those who have not made use of the platform or are new to the platform, on the other hand, will not know what the Amazon homepage is.

Amazon Homepage - www.Amazon.com

I will be telling you what the Amazon homepage is in a little while. But before you will get a full grasp on what this is you need to know what Amazon is and what a homepage is. When you have gotten the idea of what these things are separately then you will get a full understanding of the amazon homage.

What Is Amazon

If you are a follower of my works then you should know what Amazon is by now. But if you do not know what Amazon is, I will still be telling it to you. Amazon is a company that is into different business ventures. And one of the ventures with which it is well known for is the e-commerce platform. On the Amazon e-commerce or marketplace platform, users can get any type of item they want.

The platform is a marketplace. And therefore the main business carried out here is the business of buying and selling. This, therefore, means that you cannot only buy here but you can also set up your own brand here and start selling and supplying. This platform is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. And since it is the best brands and manufacturers in the world make use of the platform to market their products.

What Is A Homepage?

Without any much further ado, the homepage simply is an introductory page of any website or platform. This is the original start up page of a website or a browser. The homepage can also be referred to as the main page. This simply means that when you visit any web page online, the first page that loads is the home page. The homepage is more like a table of contents for the site. The Amazon homepage is, therefore, the introductory page of the Amazon online platform.

How to Access the Amazon Homepage

Accessing this amazon tool is very easy. All you need is an internet enabled device. You don’t need to have an Amazon account to access the Amazon home page. Both users and non-users of this platform can access this amazon tool. To access the Amazon homepage go to www.amazon.com. After the page has loaded the first page you see is the homepage.