Technology has made it a lot easy for everyone. And one of these things which technology has influenced greatly is shopping. However, with a website like Amazon, you need not visit stores and malls to shop when you can easily get it at your doorsteps with just a few clicks. Amazon Online Shopping is a type of shopping done online using the Amazon official website. Amazon is a very popular online retail store which enables you to spend less and smile more. Amazon has about 13 different countries in which it operates and also 13 different sites which you can shop on. So, therefore, not necessarily do you have to shop on as if you base in Canada, Spain and other countries it operates in, you can easily place your order using those sites to make shipping easier.

Amazon Online Shopping however requires you to sign up and sign in before you can purchase anything from its site. The signup and sign-in are very easy to do and once you have signed up for an Amazon account, you can sign in anytime you want to access some other amazon platforms. However, carrying out amazon online shopping is just like shopping at a supermarket in reality. As it still takes the same process of locating an item, adding it to your cart, and checking it out at the checkout point. Then making payments. If you are new to Amazon, just sign up for an account to be able to shop online with these steps below.

Amazon Sign Up / Sign In

Most times, before you can use any amazon website you have to process the amazon account sign up, and sign in. So, it is with Amazon online shopping. Although, you do not necessarily have to sign up before searching out what you want to buy online from the Amazon platform. But to place your order, signing up is very important. And after which you have to process your sign-in. Here are steps below on how to sign up and sign in to amazon;

Amazon Shopping Online – Amazon Sign Up

  • Visit the Amazon website you want to order from which could be,, or any other amazon website you know of.
  • Click on the sign in button
  • On the sign in page
  • Click on the create your amazon account button
  • Provide your name, mobile number or email, password
  • Click on the continue button
  • Verify your account and follow other steps correctly by providing the information required of you.

Amazon Sign In

  • Visit the amazon website of your choice
  • Click on the sign in button
  • Enter your email address and click on the continue button
  • Enter your password and click on the sign in button

As a new user of amazon, you should process the sign-up before the sign in to have an account on the amazon platform. But as an existing user, you should sign in to your Amazon account before you can carry out the amazon online shopping. After signing in, here are the steps below on how to shop on Amazon online.

Amazon Shopping Online

Shopping online is stress-free as you can purchase goods from anywhere you are. However, shopping online on Amazon is very easy once you have your amazon login credentials. If you have not signed up, then you should follow the above-listed steps to sign up for Amazon. After you have signed in to your Amazon account, you can now follow these steps below to carry out your online shopping on amazon;

  • Sign in to amazon
  • Look through the different departments
  • Select a particular category of your
  • View and pick an item
  • Locate the add to cart button and click on it to add item to your cart
  • Proceed by clicking on the proceed to checkout button
  • Provide your shipping address
  • Review and confirm your order
  • Select a payment method

Confirm and place your order by clicking on the Place your order button. After that, you can expect your ordered goods at the specific time given to you. With these steps, you can order as many goods as you want on Amazon.