Does Amazon have a shopping site? If no, fine. But if it does, what is the Amazon shopping site? These and many more of your questions will be answered on the course of this article. All you need to do is to follow me on this incredible journey via the course of this article.

Amazon Shopping Site -

Now to answer the first question of this article, does Amazon have a shopping site? Yes, the platform has a shopping site. And this shopping site is just like every other shopping site you know. It works in the same manner as the rest of the other online shopping platforms. Now, what is the Amazon shopping site?

This is the online site through which Amazon users can access the site and therefore do their shopping. Well, these questions are questions asked but non-users of the platform and those who know nothing of the platform. Some users of the platform are already surprised as to the questions raised concerning the platform. The reason for their surprise is this. The Amazon shopping platform is a very popular one. It is one that has global recognition. The shopping platform has users all over the world. So therefore when one says he or she doesn’t know of the platform it is really surprising.

What to Do On the Platform

You can do two things on this platform. This is because it is a shopping site. It can also be referred to as an online marketplace. On this platform, you can either buy or sell. It is a marketplace. You can either register as a seller or a buyer on the platform. On this platform, you can buy anything you want from the manufacturers and suppliers on the platform. You can also sell your goods and products to the ever-expanding community of buyers on Amazon.

How to Get Access

Having an internet-enabled device will grant you access to the Amazon shopping site. But that is not enough. You still need to have an account or be a registered user of the Amazon online platform. If you do not have an account with the platform you, therefore, cannot get access to the Amazon shopping site. But if you want to get access to this platform you, therefore, need to create an account.

If you already have an Amazon account all you need to do is to log in to your account. To log in t your account, go to the official Amazon online page and click on the sign in tab. On the sign in page fill in your log in details into the boxes provided and click on log in. To create an account on the platform, on the other hand, click on the join for free tab. On the account set up page follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. After creating your account you can now start shopping on the Amazon site or platform