What is Amazon today? Have you ever wondered about the number of online marketplaces on the internet today? If you haven’t, well I will tell you that I have. I have often wondered about the number of online marketplaces. Just to be sure on the exact number I did a research. Not that I came up with an exact number but I did come up with a substantial figure. The number of online marketplaces is quite high. This simply means that the competition in this field is also quite high considering.

Amazon Today - Amazon Lightning Deals | Amazon Discount | Amazon Account

Of all the online marketplaces we have there are those that stand out, while others are finding it hard to keep up with the market. Come to think of it, if some of these marketplaces are standing out from the crowds there must be something that they are doing that other marketplaces are not doing. Do you have any idea what this could be? Well I have an idea or should I say a theory. There are special packages, bonus, features and coupons that they give out to their customers and clients.

One of the biggest online marketplaces we have today is the amazon platform. The amazon online platform is arguably the biggest online marketplace in the world. And in this article I will be writing specifically on one of the features or tools of the platform ‘the amazon today’. On the amazon platform there is a feature called amazon todays deals. On this amazon today deals you also get access to amazon’s lightning deals, and limited time discounts.

What Is ‘Amazons Today Deals’ All About?

You might be wondering what this tool is all about. Well, I will be telling it to you in a few. Remember I earlier said something about marketplaces discounts. Well, this is one of the ways and tools through which amazon rewards its users on this platform. With this tool, users of the amazon platform get access to great discounts on items on the amazon online marketplace platform.

Things to Note on This Amazon Tool

On the lightning deals under the amazon todays deals, amazon puts out almost 2000 items on their sales. The sales on this platform usually last 2-6 hours, although they are limited to what amazon has on stock. One thing to take note of here is that amazon prime user’s gets access to these deals faster than non-amazon prime users. In fact they are 30 minutes quicker than the normal amazon user.

Once a deal reaches its time limit on the platform without being claimed it is put off. And also when it reaches its claim limit it is also put off. If you want a deal so bad but the said deal has reached its claim limit, there is still hope for you. You can join the waiting list. In case you do not know what the waiting list is, here it is. The waiting list is a list containing potential buyers of an item on the amazon lightning sales but was unfortunate to get their products as the deal ran out of stock.

On this waiting list they get notified of the product availability when restocked. These deals are always on 24 hours everyday. Every user gets a total of i5 minutes to checkout deals. This is because if you do not check out during that time the said product and deal will be made available to the rest of amazon users. And if you are on the amazon waiting list you will have a total of three minutes to claim a deal when it becomes available to you. You have to be on the on the amazon platform if you are on the waiting list so as not to get missed when a product becomes available to you. Remember you are not the only one on the waiting list.

How to Get Access to Amazons Todays Deals

For you to get access to this on the platform you need to be a user of the platform. If you, therefore, do not have an account with Amazon you cannot get access to the platform. You, therefore, need to create your own Amazon account to get access to this amazon tool. If you want to create an account with Amazon go to the official Amazon online page at www.amazon.com. At the top of the page, you will find the join for free tab. Click on this tab and follow all the on-screen instructions to successfully create your own account. After creating your account you can now access this feature. To get access to the Amazon today’s deals, follow the steps below;

  • Log in to your amazon account.
  • Click on the departments tab.
  • On the drop down menu click on the deals and promotions option.

Immediately you will be taken to Amazons today’s deals.