AOL Spades – Play AOL Spades Online For Free

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Do you love card games? Have you heard about AOL Spades? Many times, people complain so much about the height at which boredom is taking over. And it is always difficult to find something of fun to do. Worry less because AOL has provided different kinds of interesting games for every human being both young and old.

AOL provides card games, board games, puzzle games, casino games, and more. One of the most interesting games out of all is AOL spades and I will be giving you a maximum understanding of everything you need to know about this game in this article.

AOL Spades - Play AOL Spades Online For Free

Spades are one of the most fun playing games on AOL. It is an online free game. Many users have come online just to play this game. Spades have been from times back. Besides, it is a card game our oldies use to play in the past. AOL introduced spades an online game, which is all about blinds, bags, and bids.

Spades is a trick-taking card game and you would have to work with a partner to score points by winning many books. You can play spades with your family and friends using the multiplayer classic feature.

Things You Need to Know Before Playing AOL Spades Online.

To start with spades is a trick-taking game that deals with partnership, the partner you are playing with will be seating opposite you, while the opponents will be sitting by your right- and left-hand side. The game aims to win as many books as you can which is also known as tricks as you and your partner bid. Also, in spades is the highest-ranking suit.


At the starting of each hand in the game, you and your partner with the opponents are dealt with thirteen cards face down. Bidding starts with the left player to the left of the deck. Which is your opponent if you are the one playing?  When it becomes your turn, you must bid on the number of books you want to win. You might have to choose to bid ‘’blind nil’’ before looking at your card, it also means that you will bid with no book to win a bonus score for yourself.

But if bidding with zero books is unsuccessful then you can get a penalty for yourself and your partner if there is one. But AOL spades provide a penalty game for its users. After looking at your card then you can bid from 0‘nil’-13 books. Note that if you and your partner or your partner bid then each of is responsible for making your bid alone. If this is not done, then your bids and books are counted together.

Taking Book

In this game, the player to the left of the deck leads the hand by playing a card except for a spade. Why you in turn will also play the same card your opponent has played which is known as following suit. Note this in case you are the one sitting at the left, that the first card played must not be a spade.

If your card happens to be the highest spade card then you pack the cards which are known as books or tricks. If no spade was played and your card is till the highest of the cards, you will pack the cards and they will be placed beside you to determine your score. The cards are ranked from Ace[high] to Two[low].

If you have no card to follow suit with the first player, then you can play any card. You must not play a spade on the first trick unless you have no playable card. Playing the first spade in hand with no other spade is known as breaking spades. If you win a trick you are mandated to lead the next trick. The scores and hand ends are always updated when starting a new trick. If neither you nor your partner won the last hand then your opponents become the new dealer.


The last aspect of spades is the scoring. It is been scored as a series of hands, if you win books that high or equal to your bid then you earn scores like;

  • 10 points for all the books won that were included in your bid.
  • 1 point for every book won that exceeded your bid.
  • 100points for a successful bid of nil [0 books won].
  • 200points for a successful bid of Nils [0 books won].

If you are unsuccessful, you are penalized with;

  • -10 points for all the tricks in your bid.
  • -100points for an unsuccessful bid of nil. [ one or more books won]
  • -200points for an unsuccessful bid of blind nil. [ one or more books won]

To avoid sag bagging which also means bidding low, each book taken that exceeds your bid is recorded as a bag.  So, if your ten collects 10 bags you are penalized with – 100points. The game ends with either partnership reaching or exceeding the predetermined score which is typically 500points or either -200points less. The team with the highest score wins.

How to Play AOL Spades Online

Spades is a free online game that can be found on the AOL games website. All you just need is to have a device with a web browser. Follow the step below to play spades online;

  • Visit the web browser on your device.
  • Search for the AOL website.
  • You will see a list of services AOL offers.
  • Click on games and search spade games to make it easier for you.
  • Tap on the ‘’play’’ icon. To start the games.

Finally, if you need a guide while playing you can tick on the ‘’guide me while playing’’ option. AOL spades games is an interesting game that will increase your level of smartness because it deals with solving tricks. Many users have found interest in playing this game. Play spades on AOL and enjoy the fun.