AOL Verizon – How to Migrate My Verizon Email to AOL

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AOL Verizon – AOL is the largest online service that was acquired by Verizon communications on the 3rd of May 2021 with a price of $4.4 billion.  The selling of yahoo and AOL to a private equity firm Apollo global management for the price of $5 billion was also announced on the 3rd of May 2021. So if you are a Verizon customer you can use AOL mail which is safe and a delightful email experience. AOL mail provides you with safe and delight for millions of people around the globe. Read on so as not to miss out.

The AOL Verizon users can create, login to the AOL mail and also manage the account through their mobile device and get to contact their friends and family with personalized mail. You can protect your AOL mail from spam, update your settings to make the mail look exactly the way you want it, learn how to fix the problems, add a signature and also customize your font, and much more. AOL gives you the opportunity to improve your mail experience by managing your AOL calendar, using and creating folders, organizing your mail, and so on. Continue reading.

About AOL Verizon?

Actually, AOL was sold to Verizon with the price of $4..4 billion, and later on, yahoo was bought two years after for $4.5, while Verizon will be actually getting the cash of $4.25 from the sale and along with a 10% stake in the AOL company.

Why Did Verizon Buy AOL?

Based on the reports released, it was said that Verizon bought AOL so as to provide a cross-screen connection for the consumers, creators, and advertisers so as to deliver a premium experience. Before that, the company called the company a digital trailblazer and the deal was championed by Lowell C. McAdam, Verizon’s chief executive at that time.

How Do I Migrate My Verizon Email to AOL?

You can always migrate your Verizon email to AOL anytime on your mobile device. Just follow the steps that will be listed below for you in order not to make mistakes.

  • Go to their official website and access your email account
  • From you home screen, tap on the setting button
  • Click on the mail menu
  • Then click accounts
  • Click add account
  • Click AOL
  • Type in your name, email and address that you have selected during the process of migrating
  • Click on the next icon and follow the remaining instructions on the screen

Once you are able to follow these steps correctly without missing or leaving anyone out. You will be able to successfully migrate your Verizon email to AOL.

How do I Access Account?

You can access your email account with your email address. However, this can be done when you use your entire email address which will be including ‘’’’ when you want to sign in to the AOL mail. You can also get to access it through a third-party app like outlook or thunderbird which is also easy.