Apple Maps – How to find Locations with Maps on my Apple Device?

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Apple Maps was initially launched in 2012 and it automatically became the default map app on iPhones globally. And while its first incarnation was not really embraced and well received by the public, Apple Maps has been going steady and has been enhancing its development to get it perfectly back on track.

Apple Maps - How to find Locations with Maps on my Apple Device?

Now, the all-new Maps has a 3D experience with a considerable amount of visual details, improved accuracy, and many more detailed qualities. Apple takes a 3D approach with the map that starts in the globe view and extends to city streets and far beyond.

Apple Maps

You can successfully excel in navigating the suburban roads of your province, city, or town, and travel it far across countries. Or maybe you taking a cross-country trek along Route 66 or hiking in the trails leading to various locations, it’s reflected throughout and you never have to miss your way. As explained by Apple Company Spokespersons, all the buildings, accurate road styles, and climate-appropriate trees are placed on top of the map, making it super easy to access the locations you want to.

So you may ask, what’s all the hype about concerning Apple Maps? Well, the answer is really about the details. When navigating somewhere on an iPhone, you’ll notice that you’ll see clearer details about lanes in a road. The lanes are all visualized clearly and illustrated accurately with road markings and intersections showing crosswalks. It helps not only with accessibility, since you will already know those elements are there, but they also extend far to knowing what lane you need and how to get there properly. Even more impressive, you will see proper elevation when navigating complex highways that have ground-level roads with overpasses that intersect.

How to find Locations with Maps on my Apple Device?

Reducing the risk of having to meet people who are terribly conniving and stray leading can all be done by the amazing feature of Apple Maps. The Apple Maps have traffic information and trip tracking in the form of the Apple Maps app. The Company is conveniently built into your iPhone and iPad and all you have to do is just look. Here’s how to use the Maps app to find your location:

If you want to bring up your current location, simply:

  • Tap on the Maps app on your device
  • Choose the location icon at the top right of the app

If you want to mark your current location:

  • Tap on your current location in the Maps app
  • Choose Mark My location

If you want to share your current location on the Maps app:

  • Tap on your current location in the Maps app
  • Choose Share My location
  • Select on How to share your location from the choices in the share sheet. You can now also share your location through Messages, email, AirDrop, Reminders and any more.

How Do I Change My Map View?

You can change the look in your Maps app. The Choices in the Maps app includes the Maps as the default view, Transit, and satellite. To change the view, here’s what to do:

  • Tap on the Maps app on your device
  • Search for the Location you wish to map
  • Tap on the Information icon at the top right
  • Choose between the options Maps, Transit and Satellite as your view

and that is it. your map view would be changed to something you prefer, that is if you prefer the other view options.