Apple Pay – How to Use Apple Pay Near Me, Apple Watch Apple Pay | Setup Apple pay

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What is Apple Pay ? on the contrary, Apple pay is a payment contactless technology for only apple devices. The apple pay was designed so as to enable consumers get away from the physical wallets pattern into a global world. Where you can be able to use the debit and credit on the Apple watch or iPhone. With the process of using your device for payment instead of your card.  Presently now, the Apple pay is available for all over 40 countries. Such as Hong Kong, UAE, Russia, US, UK, Canada, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. The Apple pay has no limit usage on like the contactless card that has limited spending of 45 Euro. But for the apple pay? you can do all your spending like filling up your car with fuel or your weekly shopping. With your Apple watch or iPhone you get it successfully.  

 Apple Pay - How to Use Apple Pay Near Me, Apple Watch Apple Pay | Setup Apple pay

Basically, now the apple pay is available in the US of over 75 percent stores and restaurant. While Australia has 99 percent and UK has 85 percent restaurant and stores. The apple pay is available for customers who has various card like the MasterCard, Visa, and the American Express. More also, the Apples Apple Card is also accepted and gives room for users who has the credit and debit card as well. Globally all over the world now Apple pay is available in most bank.

Follow the links below to get banks that support Apple pay.

•  Joing Banks over in the Asia- Pacific.

• Participating all over Canada, United States, and also in the Latin America bank.

• Bank in the Middle East and also in the Europe.

Does Apple Pay work with US Federal – Payment Cards Too?

Apple pays mobile payment system is also available in the US and also work with the federal payment cards. Also the social security and veteran’s benefits payment are been paid out through the debit cards. The Federal government also support the transactions of the Apple pay. With the process of using your Apple pay to buy things like tickets and also gift shop items at any national parks.

However, there is a card that is issued to the Direct Express payment network and government through the GSA Smart pay. The Apple pays can be used in any place where the contactless payment symbol or the Apple pay symbol checkout. Because it is supported by hundreds and thousands of stores and restaurant all over the world.

How to Download Apple Pay App Store

Firstly, be sure that your phone is an iPhone and is upgraded to the iOS 8.1. Because it can only be accessed on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

• Visit the settings on the settings app on your iOS device. And click on the Passbook and Apple Pay, but for iOS9 the name written on it will be shown Wallet and Apple Pay.

• Tap on the link “Set up Apple Pay” in the “Credit and Debit Cards” box.

• Enter the “Add a new Credit or Debit Card”. To enable you add a debit card or credit to the passbook.

• Impute the information manually or use can also make use of the photo detection feature to take a nice picture of your card.

• Click on the terms of condition to accept that you have “Agree” in the lower right.

• Next is the verification option click on it to showed that you have been verified.

•Enter the code that you received for verification in the code box.

Push the notification from your bank or search for the confirmation email message. Which will show appreciation for setting Apple pay or google pay iphone up for your cards and card activated.

How to Create an Apple ID on an iPhone

  • Open the setting on your phone.
  • Enter the sign in to your iPhone at the top of the menu bar. Where you will ask to enter your Apple ID and password. In the process where another Apple ID account has been signed in. And you need another all you have to do is tap the users Apple ID and then click on the sign Out button. Which is at the bottom of the Apple ID menu. Follow the steps to sign out.
  • If you don’t have an Apple ID tap Create Apple ID one or click on Forgot Apple ID.
  • Enter your DOB (date of birth) – because your birthday will be used to determine the services that will be set up on the iPhone.
  • Click on the NEXT button at the right corner of the screen to fill in your details, your first and last name and your current email address or choose if you want to use get a free iCloud email address and follow the procedure on the screen.
  • Impute your Apple ID which is email address.
  • Enter your password which must be 8 strong characters filled with letters. uppercase and a lower case.
  • Enter the verify password

More Steps

  • Next is your country and phone number cause a verification code will be sent to the phone number as SMS to verify enter the code on the verification box
  • Click on the AGREE button to accept the terms and condition privacy policy.
  • Clicked on the sign in to iCloud automatically you will be sign in and you will be to access all your data during the sign in process
  • Enter your iPhone passcode the code is used to unlock your device when setting it up.
  • Merging of data on your iPhone you can merge with your iCloud account your reminders, contacts, notes, calendars when you like it or click on the don’t merge button.
  • Finally, your Apple ID has been created and you can as well sign in with your iPhone.

How to Use Apple Pay with Apple Watch

  • Launch the Apple pay on your apple watch.
  • Clicked twice on the button close to the digital crown.
  • The default card payment will appear on your Apple watch screen showing “Hold Near Reader to pay”
  • Clicked on it and a pulse and beep will beep out to confirm your payment terminal has gone through.
  • Swipe to left or right on your watch and it will display if any other cards have been registered.