Backup Facebook Data – Save all Your Facebook Data
Facebook website helps you aim your application and connect it with web pages via Meta tags of the open graph protocol. According to Facebook applications, it will always monitor all likes and shears on the profiles. On the profile walls where the URL of the website for which you have created the app appears, and which also communicates and collects data from the very web page via the open graph protocol.

Backup Facebook Data - Backup Facebook Photos | Facebook Data Saver Settings

Facebook is a popular free social media networking website that allows all registered users to create profiles, upload photos, and video, also send messages and keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. The longer you use Facebook all your information’s seems to be stored in different places so you will want to make sure you know how to back up your Facebook data.

How to Backup Your Facebook Data

However, creating a Facebook backup of your hard drive and all your data on a regular basis is very important. This is extremely important for business owners who need to keep up to date of all communications for legal reasons. In this way, you create the archive of your profile and download it to your own computer to maintain and include as part of your regular back up process. Facebook’s backup file includes an HTML page so you can preview all the content in your profile. Here are the steps to back up your Facebook data.

  • Go to your web browser and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the top right corner and click on the drop-down arrow facing down of your profile page. Choose “Account Settings.
  • In the settings list, click on the “Account setting” you will see a hyperlink to download. So kindly download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • On the download page, you will see a green button “Start my Archive” that will initiate the download process. Facebook will generate the download and also email you when the download is being completed.

Note: the Facebook profile archive will actually contain the following information’s such as:

  • Photos and videos you have shared on your Facebook page.
  • All wall posts, messages, and all conversations.
  • Your friend’s name and email address of friends who have allowed this in their account settings.

However, you can also create a backup of your Facebook profile and accounts on other social media platform using the third-party backup service. Therefore, a service will automate the backup process and archive all data associated with your online account.