Backup to Google Drive – How to Use Google Drive to Backup Your Data

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Backup to Google Drive involves the use online storage cloud with fifteen gigabytes of free space to save music, photos, videos, and all kind of digital files you have on your pc or mobile device. Backup to Google Drive has been a storage solution for all android devices, it helps to free up memory space from your android device and it’s also a good tool to transfer digital files from one android device to another android device.

Backup to Google Drive - How to Use Google Drive to Backup Your Data

On Google Drive, your files can be accessed anywhere in the world with any android device you just need to login to your google drive account or your Gmail account in other to Backup to Google Drive. It is open to any user that has an account with Google as this is the all google account to all google services.

How to Backup to Google Drive

For you to make use of the Backup to Google Drive service First, you need to create an account. All you need is a google account you may probably have a google account or maybe you have signed up for a youtube account, Gmail account or Google calendar account. If you have any kind of Google service that you have an account with then you have already getting an account that you can use with Backup to Google Drive features. If you are using an android phone or tablet this is how you can backup files that you have on your device.

  • On your mobile device click on the home button to see list of all your mobile app.
  • Open the google driver app by clicking on the google drive icon on your phone.
  • Select the files you want to upload, the quickest way to upload multiple files is to tap the upload button this will bring up your camera, recent photos. Select the photo you want to Backup to Google Drive, when the photo is uploaded you get a notification on your phone.

There are few ways to search for another file. The easiest way is to tap upload, navigate to the menu. Here you will see your files organized by type. If you type in the keyword images you will see all the photos you have on your phone gallery, tap one of the photos to see the images inside.

How Backup to Google Drive Works

To select more than one file, press and hold on to the first image you want to select then you can tap the next ones so you can include them too. You can do the same to your music, videos, documents, and other files in your drive.

One of the best things about Backing to Google Drive is that you can access it anywhere. You can sign in from somebody else device, such as a mobile device or pc. If you have it on your desktop or mobile device your file will match up with your device Here you can drag and drop files into google drive and access and view them with any device. To get more info about google drive visit the url