Beef Cattle Herdsman Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

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Are you a Beef Cattle Herdsman? Do you know that you can get a job in the USA with visa sponsorship? Surprising right? The USA herdsman jobs are offered with visa sponsorship to allow foreign herdsmen to migrate to the USA to work. There are lots of job opportunities available for you to apply for if you are one. Besides, Beef Cattle Herdsman Jobs in the USA with a visa Sponsorship could earn up to about $29,605. And even give you the chance to live and work legally in the US.

Furthermore, as a foreign beef cattle herdsman, this is a good opportunity for you to migrate to the USA without having to go through visa issues. Also, migrating to the USA for this job gets you open o so many different offers and benefits. You also get to meet new people and get a better working space. And irrespective of the kind of beef cattle herdsman you are, you can apply for these jobs with visa sponsorship.

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Nonetheless, before migrating to the USA for this job, you will need to meet the right requirements and make sure you are eligible. What are the requirements? And how do I know I’m eligible? Get to know in this article.

Responsibilities of A Beef Cattle Herdsman

There are several responsibilities given to a Herdsman in the USA. Out of all, the major job of a Beef Cattle Herdsman is to look after cattle on farmland. They also manage the farm or ranch where the cattle are kept. Aside from these, they have more responsibilities. And some of these other responsibilities include;

  • Looking after the cattle.
  • Feeding the cattle.
  • Production of milk.
  • Make sure to meet the target or orders of the market.
  • Provision of beef to the market.
  • Creating a better living for the cattle.

The above are the basic responsibilities of a Beef Cattle Herdsman. If there are other responsibilities, they would be made known to you by your employer. And that is when you are applying for the job.

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Beef Cattle Herdsman Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Beef cattle herdsman jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship salaries

There are so many beef cattle herdsman jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship you can apply for. Some of these jobs would be listed for you alongside their average salary. This is so as for you to have an idea of how much you are likely to earn for the job you want to go for. Here are some of the available jobs and their average salary below;

  • Milker/ Dairy farmer- $28.3- $35.9 per year.
  • Beef- Herdsman clerk- $18 per hour.
  • Herdsman- $45.7- $57.9 per year.
  • Cowboy- SE- $26- $33 per year.
  • Cattle unite manager- $52.2- $66.2 per year.
  • Cowboy- $26.6- $33.6 per year.
  • Cattle unite manager 2- $54.1- $68.5 per year.
  • Cattle herdsman and ranch manager- $40,000- $46,000 per year.

There are many more jobs and salaries to take note of but with these few, you can choose the best for you. However, you can search for more on job posting sites and apply to apply for the job. So as to be able to migrate to the USA to work.

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Companies Offering Beef Cattle Herdsman Jobs in The USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are so many companies offering this job to herdsmen with visa sponsorship. And some of these companies would be made known to you. Before, that, knowing the companies could help you have an idea of companies that are offering the jobs. In case you might want to know them and apply directly for the job. Below are some companies in the USA that offer beef cattle jobs with visa sponsorship;

  • Monument Farms.
  • Cargill.
  • AgReserves, Inc.
  • North Dakota state university.
  • Jewett valley farms.
  • JPV farms.
  • Brasstown beef $ Ridgefield farm.
  • Tejas premium meats.
  • Dairylain farms LLC.

There are many more reputable companies that offer these jobs. To see more of these companies, you can visit the job posting sites online like indeed, Fiverr, simply hired, and more.

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