Best Android Browsers – Download the Best Fastest Web Browser for Mobile

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It is no doubt that, web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device be it an android or iOS device. A web browser as you might know is an application used to access and view websites. Some of the most popular and best web browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and a lot more. Using any of these android browsers will provide you with the best and fastest browsing experience. If you have been searching for the best android browsers, then read through this article.

Best Android Browsers - Download the Best fastest web browser for Mobile

On the internet now there are different android web browsers to use and so it is quite challenging to select the best out of the extensive list. For many android users the default web browser is the Google Chrome. And this is because the Google Chrome comes with different amazing functionalities and features. However, there are other best and top web browsers you can try out on your android device. They all comes with their own unique features and functionalities and you will really find them useful. We have complied a list of some of the best android browsers.

Top 15 Best Browsers for Android 2021

In this part of the article, we will be listing some of the best and top android web browsers you can use on your android device in 2021.Below is a quick overview of some of the best web browsers for android users;

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera Mini
  • Firefox
  • Opera browser
  • Brave
  • Microsoft Edge
  • DuckDuckGO Privacy Browser
  • Dolphin
  • Samsung Internet
  • Kiwi Browser
  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Chromium
  • Tor Browser
  • UC Browser
  • Surfy Browser

Best Web Browsers for Android

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is one of the best and most used web browsers. This App in most android device comes preinstalled with a vast feature and function. No matter what web content you are surfing for, Google chrome got your back and so it is the best option for all android users.

Opera Mini

Undoubtedly, Opera Mini is the second-best web browsers coming after the Google Chrome. This web browser comes with several amazing features plus a friendly interface. The application is regarded as the best lightweight browser for android. It is perfect for smartphones that have low Ram and onboard storage. Note that opera mini is different from opera.


Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and top web browsers for android and it comes with its own amazing features and functionalities. It offers high level of privacy, Block third party cookies, sync across devices and a lot more.  This web browser provides you with the best surfing experience like Chrome and it is absolutely free to use.


Brave is a web browser that is focused on privacy. It is a free to use web browser and a great option for all android users. Brave comes with a simple user interface; you can easily navigate through the application. For many users of the web browser, it is one of the best due to its simplicity and security.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is another great web browser for android users. It comes with its own unique features and functionality. The web browser offers you read it later features and allow you to swap the Bing search engine with Google. It also comes with AdBlock plus and a few notable features which you will find really intruding.

How to Download any of the Best Android Browsers

Downloading any of the best android web browsers on your device is quite easy and simple to go about. You can either download the web browser on your device from the Google Play Store or any Mod Apk store online. However, we will be showing you steps and guidelines on how to download any of the best android web browsers from the Google play store;

  • From your android home screen, tap to open your Google play store
  •  Using the search engine, search for your desired web browser
  • Tap on the web browser once found
  • Click on the Install button

Finally, launch and open the downloaded web browser on your android devices. Now you can start surfing the internet with the downloaded web browser on your device to search for information and other important content. Just make sure you download the apps from the list that you think will give you the best browsing experience on your android device.