Best Dating Podcasts in 2022

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Are you ready for a relationship or are you in one? Then you need to listen to the best dating podcast. Why? Dating podcasts would help you Up your game in your relationship and even keep your love life on track.

Best Dating Podcasts in 2022

However, if the best dating podcast helps you to step up in your love life story, then you should look to listen to beautiful and inspiring tips about relationships, lifestyle, dating tips, and more. Meanwhile, dating podcasts helps you get yourself dating tips and advice from the top love experts that have their love life going.

In addition, we have short notes on the best dating podcasts that you can get the most out of. We have selected the best dating podcast based on success stories, reviews, and expertise. In this article, I will be listing out the best dating podcast that you can listen to and get the best talks on marriage and relationships.

The Best Dating Podcast

DTR- Dating Podcast

DTR which stands for Define the Relationship), is a new dating podcast that is from one of the largest dating sites known as Tinder. The dating podcast is hosted by Jane Marie from This chatty, and This American Life. The dating podcast brings you to the real dating world and covers a wide range of relationship topics. You can subscribe to DTR to get a daily podcast that will help you step up in your love life.

The Dating Advisory Board – Dating Podcast

The Dating Advisory Board helps singles and couples to get topics on dating strategy by applying a business approach. Unlike another Dating podcast, The Dating Advisory Board podcast features its podcast to business personnel and entrepreneur giving them tips on personal branding, matchmaking, networking, and marketing. Some of the recent topics on the podcast are perfecting your pitch in business and dating, how sales techniques can be used in dating, and more. To visit The Dating Advisory Board, you can visit their official page.

How to Talk to Girls- Dating Podcast

How to talk to Girls is a dating podcast that specializes in helping men get advice on relationships, girls’ matters, and relationship lifestyle as a whole. It is the same host who is behind the successful Tripp Advice website. The podcast brings tips, techniques, and tricks on how to accomplish you’re dating aims especially if you want a long-term relationship. Some of the recent podcast includes qualities that will skyrocket your success with women. To access How to talk to girls, visit their official website.

Modern Love

The Modern Love is a podcast from the Modern Love Section of the New York Times. The podcast is one of the favorites in New York and they invite top love experts, authors, influencers, and actors to talk. Modern Love also allows dating people and couples to send in their stories. This is so they can be read and answered in the podcast. To visit Modern Love, Visit their official website.

Dear Sugar

Dear Sugar is another Dating Podcast that is hosted by best-selling author Cheryl Strayed and her co-host Steve Almond. The podcast features a section where Cheryl and Steve read out and answer letters from individuals from all walks of life. They tackle love and relationship matters, answering all questions that have to do with relationships, dating, courtship, and personal development. To access Dear Sugar Visit their official page.

The Dateable Podcast

Dateable Podcast is ranked as Apple’s top 50 relationship podcasts. The podcast features real-life topics and conversations. It is hosted by Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick. And they talk about real dating issues, dating tips, first dates, first love, and more. To access Dateable Podcast, Visit their official website for more information and to listen to their best relationship podcast.