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Most people making use of the Facebook platform always ask for the best Facebook store app or apps. There are two types of people who make use of the Facebook platform. These two types of people are categorized based on what they make use of the Facebook platform for. The first category here is those people or persons whose main and basic activity on the platform is to socialize. In other words, they only chat with friends and family both far and near. In the process making use of the video and voice calls features also. The other categories here are those that make use of the platform for business purposes. Just in case you do not know about this. The Facebook platform has business features and aspects.  These set of persons sell their products and services via Facebook stores.

What Is a Facebook Store

A Facebook store is a section of Facebook where Facebook users can upload and list their various items products and services for sale. These facebook stores can be created by adding a shop section to your Facebook page or they can be created by using external apps. There are apps that are created solely for purposes like this. Theses facebook store has lots of benefits. For a start, it can connect you and your business to billions of users on the Facebook platform. In the process, getting you to the right audience to grow your business.

List of the Best Facebook Store Apps

This is a list containing the best app which you can use to create your own very own facebook shop on the Facebook platform.

  1. Ecwid
  2. Shopify
  3. Bigcommerce
  4. Shop tab
  6. Storefront social
  7. Vendor
  8. Beetailer

Although there are other apps that we can use to create facebook shops, I am going to stop here. There is no best facebook store app just in case you are wondering. They all have their own advantages and benefits.