Best Fitness Tracker Apps

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What are the best fitness tracker apps? Maintaining good health and staying fit is vital. If you’re looking to monitor your fitness progress, track your activity levels, or assess your workouts, Fitness Tracker Apps can be a valuable tool.

 Best Fitness Tracker Apps

With countless apps available on Google Play and the Apple Store, finding the best fitness tracker app can be a daunting task. However, we’ve got you covered.

Today, there is an abundance of fitness tracker apps available online, each offering unique features to help you achieve your fitness goals. These apps can do much more than you might imagine.

They can assist you in monitoring your diet, tracking your progress, delivering valuable health and fitness tips, counting your steps, providing personal health coaching, keeping you motivated, and much more.

The best part? Most of these apps are free to download and use. So, why wait? Read on to discover these apps, download them, and start tracking your fitness journey today.

What are Fitness Tracker Apps?

Fitness Tracker Apps are mobile applications used to monitor and track fitness-related metrics like distance running or walking, the number of calories consumed, heartbeat rates, and more.

These apps are also considered to be a type of wearable computer. Most of them can be installed on your mobile device, or even your Apple watch for you to use to track your fitness daily and also get health and fitness recommendations.

Why Should I Use Fitness Tracker Apps?

There are lots of reasons you should use the Fitness Tracker App. Some of these reasons why you should use fitness tracker apps to monitor your fitness daily and your health includes the fact;

  • It helps you monitor your diet easily
  • Helps you monitor your progress
  • Through fitness tracker apps, you get free health and fitness tips
  • Also, with these apps, you can track your footsteps and know how long you have walked in a day
  • You also get personal health coaches from using fitness tracker apps
  • It increases your morale and keeps you motivated

13 Best Fitness Tracker Apps

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of fitness tracker apps you can use that are very good. But if you are looking for the best you can use, some of them would be mentioned here. Therefore, without much ado, they are listed for you below.


One reliable and reputable app you can use for your fitness tracking is the Strong mobile app. With a strong app, you get an easy and intuitive way to track and record your workouts regularly.

However, this app comes with different exercises and plans that have already been registered. Also, with this app, you can even record your weight and body measurements. Nice right? Then you should install the app on your device and use it at little or no cost.


Another fitness tracker app worth considering is the Strava app. You can use this app for cycling, swimming, running, and other outdoor exercises and activities.

Strava helps you analyze your performance and progress over time. With Strava, you can track your distance, altitude, speed, and the number of calories you have burned.

The fitness tracker app also allows you to gain access to other people using the app with whom you can share your fitness progress. The app contains several predefined routes for running and cycling as well as monthly competitions and challenges to keep your spirit high.


There are different Nike apps you can use for your fitness tracking. One is the Nike Training Club while the other is the Nike Run Club. The Nike Training Club app is an app with over 185 workout categories which include strength, yoga, mobility, and more.

With this app, you can make schedules according to your goals, the amount of equipment you would use, and your weekly workouts. The other fitness tracker app, the Nike Run Club, is an app designed for runners. And it connects them with the Nike Run Community where they can compare their progress with other members of the club.


Do, you need an app to help you reduce your stress and anxiety? Calm is one you should install on your mobile device and use.

However, aside from the app helping you with monitoring and reducing your stress and anxiety, it also increases your focus and helps you improve the quality of your sleep.

Calm is known to be a mindfulness and meditation app. And it even includes a lot of unique features to help you keep fit and monitor your health.

Some of these unique features include; guided meditations, breathing programs, relaxing music,  and of course bedtime stories. In addition, renowned psychologists, therapists, and mental health specialists recommend this app for use.

Besides it has helped a lot of people, it would also help you.


Another good and reliable fitness tracker app is known as Edomondo. With Edmodo, you can track your performance in more than 60 sports. Some of these include; tennis, running, cycling, yoga, and many more.

The app also works with other apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health, MyFitnesspal, and a lot more. Plus, it enables you to meet other people using Edomondo to track their fitness daily.


Sweat is one of the best apps for workout plans. Working out with a gym buddy can assist you in staying accountable, and this app does that and even more.

With Sweat, the workout-plan app created by social-famous trainer Kayla Itsines, you will have all the support of the community of women who are here to assist you during your fitness journey.

Body by Blogilates

Body By Blogilates is also one of the best apps for workout plans. If you are a fan of certified and influential fitness instructor Cassey Ho, you will absolutely want to download her app.

With this app, you will be given access to a huge library of no-equipment classes led by Ho without paying a dime. You can subscribe so as to have access to the monthly workout calendar and motivational challenges.

Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach is among the best apps you can use to track your fitness plans. If you are interested in slight interruptions or coaching during your workout and you are still waiting for someone to tell you what to do, then you should try Fitness Coach.

This app serves up individualized fitness programs containing about 10 to 30-minute workout sessions with one-on-one instruction.


Even if you do not have a well-known stationary treadmill, bike, or rower, you can still click into Peloton’s wildly well-known exercise programs. This exercise program includes yoga flows, marathon training, and free-weight strength sessions.

All-or-Out Studio

Find accurately what you are looking for in the catalog of more than 100 workouts, including bodyweight routines, strength training with weights, HIIT, yoga, meditation, dance cardio, and barre. It also offers assistance to help you reach your goals each month.


If you just started your fitness journey or are more of a casual gym goer, contemplate downloading FitOn, as one of the best apps for workout plans.

It provides personalized fitness programs and various types of workouts that you can stream on your smartphone, TV, or even laptop. This app is completely free and guarded, so there is no burden to work out a schedule.

Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime is likewise one of the best apps for workout plans. The app has the broadest spectrum of Pilates styles, from contemporary, classical, New York, and Santa Fe to fitness-focused Pilates.

However, there are a lot of videos available on all styles, all levels, and all equipment, with an extensive library of zero-equipment Pilates workouts.

OnX Backcountry

OnX Backcountry will be the last best app for workout plans on my list. It is very easy to find and share the best routes with OnX.

It likewise abridges planning more complex routes for split boarding safely, so you can spend a lot of time exploring instead of scouting trails and calculating slope angles online.

In conclusion, free workout or fitness tracker apps offer you the power to work out from anywhere. They are made for various types of users and have different features that may make one an easier fit for you than another.