Best Games for Steam Deck

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Wondering what the best games are for your Steam Deck? Well, look no further – we’re here to sprinkle some gaming magic into your gaming life!

In this guide, we’ve carefully handpicked a selection of the absolute best games tailor-made for your Steam Deck device. So, you should stick with us to be enlightened.

Best Games for Steam Deck

Over time, Steam Deck has emerged as the ultimate choice for PC gaming enthusiasts, offering a portable gaming haven that truly tickles the fancy of countless PC players.

What’s even more exciting is that it’s sparked a delightful wave of inspiration among other portable PC manufacturers, all eager to join the party.

So, picture this: Steam Deck, a portable gaming wonderland, ready to take you on a whirlwind tour of the vast PC gaming universe. And now, without further ado, let’s embark on our gaming journey and explore the finest games crafted for your Steam Deck!

Best Games To Play On Steam Deck

There are several amazing games with thrilling storylines available on Steam Deck. Here are some of them:

Card Shark

Card Shark is a game that sets out to expand your collection of card tricks while cleverly overtaking your opponents and boosting your fortune.

The journey starts with a gentle pace, but before you know it, things pick up speed, adding an exhilarating twist. A word of caution: misstep in your strategy, and your fellow players might just lose patience with your tricks.

Card Shark boasts a captivating premise, complemented by stunning graphics, delightful dialogue, and a soundtrack that’ll groove its way into your very soul.


Wavetale is a gem among the top games for your Steam Deck, featuring a character that’s just as at home on water as on land. One of the standout aspects of this game is hitching a ride on your aquatic, movement-mimicking merperson companion, zipping across the ocean with graceful rolls.

This game truly shines when you master the art of stringing together jumps and Hookshot moves, allowing you to explore the submerged world with lightning speed. It’s an absolute blast once you’ve got the hang of it!


RimWorld is another good game for your Steam Deck. In this game, you will be in charge of humans who have crashed and landed on an alien planet, and your job is to help them create a self-sustaining colony with housing, farms, and defenses.

Then you will also build a personal relationship with them. This game is undoubtedly one of the best games to play on your Steam Deck.


Despite its colorful cartoon graphics, Cuphead is a very difficult game. In this game, you will play as an eponymous Cuphead as you fight a series of increasingly hard enemies on the journey towards the enemy.

The battle is played from a 2D perspective, and it also takes place in a single room. However,  every boss always manages to bring new things to the table.

However, other than the amazing graphics, the game features some of the best and most easy-going combat mechanics.

The game also has several playable characters, lots of unlockable weapons and abilities, and a Delicious Last Course expansion. All of these therefore make it the best game for anyone who enjoys challenging action games.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a game that makes you feel like you are holding a Kindle while playing the game on your Steam Deck, and it is the ideal game for fans of deep RPG experiences.

It has great latitude for role-playing, and the story is also very smart and quite unpredictable. Disco Elysium has a painterly art style that looks amazing in handheld mode.

And you might have other train passengers who are looking over to check what you are doing, which is quite awkward when you start the game only wearing your underpants.

Arcade Paradise

Of all of the games on the Steam Deck game library, Arcade Paradise is one of the best. This game starts out with the character managing a Laundromat.

Then you will find a few arcade machines located in the storage in the back room, and you can choose to open them in public. As you build your business, you will develop more cabinets and also convert more of the Laundromat into an arcade business.

Although you will need to manage your business, you can still play several arcade machines as you desire. This makes Arcade Paradise an amazing minigame collection, allowing you to play lots of retro-styled games.


Celeste is quite a challenging platformer that also has an emotional story. This game follows Madeline as she finds her anxiety and depression.

Thanks to the game’s minimalistic graphics and smooth movement, Celeste is one of the best games to play on Steam Deck. To complete the journey, it takes about eight hours.

However, if you want to uncover all Celeste has to offer, then you can stick around much longer.

Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver is an amazing adventure sim game on the surface where you will go spearfishing in the morning and then, at night, bring your catches to serve as a menu for a sushi restaurant.

One fascinating feature of this game is that the players have no idea about the Big Blue Hole that they are diving into. In this hole, there is an unexpected depth.

Furthermore, this game offers lots of genres and incorporates several activities as the story unfolds. The game character Dave is a fun-loving guy.

Dave the Diver loops around catching fish, serving it as sushi on the menu, and then making use of the profit to upgrade the fishing gear. You can play this and trust me, you will not be bored, especially if you love adventures.


Dredge is a game that has a side of horror. This game entails fishing on the shores of Greater Marrow to catch fish, deal with panicked hallucinations, upgrade your boat, and buy good supplies.

As the story in this game unfolds, you will find out more about the dangerous sea monsters that lurk beneath the surface, and this gives you a hint of spookiness.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is an enjoyable game to play on Steam. Although it has only been seven years since its release, it is still regarded as one of the best games with an amazing storyline, especially in the side quest. In this game, you will explore the world, meet with several colorful characters, and also slay monsters.

In conclusion, the Steam Deck game library keeps expanding. The list above has some honorable mentions, and all of the games are surely the best.