Best Legit Paid Surveys – The Best Sites To Take Online Surveys

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If you’re the type that will always have free time at work, school, or home and you’ve been wondering what to do with such time, I want to inform you that you can be earning $20 and above by taking the best legit paid surveys only ne daily. It may be very unbelievable but yes, the best legit paid surveys still exist online and you may never know them till you search for them.

Luckily, in this blog post, we have listed and explained some of the best legit paid surveys that you can earn online daily without having to go through any form of stress. So, whether you are a student, a worker, or even a business owner, you can take surveys from any of the best legit paid surveys online and still make more money to add to your income.

Best Legit Paid Surveys - The Best Sites To Take Online Surveys

Going further, you quite need to understand that although we have the best legit paid surveys platform online you still need to apply cautious safety while carrying surveys, it’s advised that you are certain of whom you want to release your vital information. This is because there are numerous fake sites posing as survey sites. For these surveys that will be listed here, we assure you that they have been used and tested. So, you won’t be asked to submit any vital information to the platform except for a sign-up purpose.

What Are Online Surveys About?

The online survey is a possible means to make money as a site user. Millions of companies pay site owners to help them recruit people who can carry out product checks on their products. So, it is typically giving reviews and viewpoints if what you think about a particular product. There are usually tasks to be carried out daily. However, you get paid for carrying out these tasks. For each survey site, there’s a particular number of tasks to be carried out monthly. You should try joining as several survey platforms as possible to earn more. we look at these sites and platforms that you can join.

Best Legit Paid Surveys – Branded Surveys

This is one of the best legit paid surveys online communities with consistent international research surveys. Branded surveys as one of the best legit paid surveys are well known to survey enthusiasts, it provides a wide range of paid surveys to their users. you can win money or gift cards while on the platform. the minimum reward after carrying out a task on the platform is around $5 which is about £3.75. in addition, for every survey carried out on this platform, you earn 50-500 points. If you are looking for a good-to-use survey platform, visit branded survey. you can sign up for branded survey by clicking on click on the signup option to get started!


If we are talking about the best legit paid surveys, swag bucks are certainly going to be among the top 5. This is simply because, over the years, Swagbucks has grown to gain a global audience due to its consistent method of payment after a survey has been carried out. Swagbucks is also one of the most reliable survey platforms with a very big audience in the platform.

Nevertheless, while on the platform, surveyors can either earn money, vouchers for online shopping, or prize draws. You can also win all. The total earnings per survey on the platform is 30-150 SB points. while on Swagbucks, you can earn £5 per hour. this is because it takes up to 10 min to complete a survey on the platform.  You can sign-up on Swagbucks simply by clicking on, this will take you to the home page where you can sign up or sign-in to get started!


Toluna is yet one of the best legit paid surveys that you can visit online to get money just by taking surveys. For toluna, all you have to do is give your opinion about certain products. Share what you think or have experienced with these products. Also, it can be about services from prominent companies. once you are able to do this, you are instantly rewarded!  For every survey taken, you can earn up to 80,000 points which is equivalent to a total of £15 voucher. This amount could be won within an hour. If you want to sign up for toluna surveys click on to do so!

Best Legit Paid Surveys – OnePoll

If you have limited time for a free period and would want some very quick and yet money-giving, try OnePoll. This is one survey site that is very fast and not time-consuming. Just give a short summary of the topic given and you will be making over $25 per hour. Signing up for one poll is quite easy. Simply click on to fill the signup info and start earning when you carry out surveys.


Going further, if you want to make over £3per hour, then this site is for you. It is known for its regular high influence in the survey world. LifePoints is sure a good place to visit if you want to make enough money taking surveys. Click on to sign up on the platform.

Best Legit Paid Surveys – YouGov

As one of the best legit paid surveys, YouGov gives you over 50 points for every survey carried out. Moreover, just by joining the platform, you make 1 euro already upon signing up! You can join the survey by clicking on click on sign up to join the platform.

NB: the service quality of all of these mentioned survey sites and platform differs. Also, it may not be allowed in your zone. Download a VPN to your device before you can access some of the mentioned best legit paid surveys.