Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

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Are you searching for the best motorcycle rentals in South Africa? If so then you are in luck as here we will be providing some of the best places you can rent motorcycles from. These companies also organize a tour around some of South Africa’s must-see sites and also through the Sahara desert.

Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

Furthermore, these motorcycle rentals also offer their customers the best experience all for an affordable price. If you are interested in renting a motorcycle, I suggest that you check out the next segment for some motorcycle rental companies.

Best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa

There are several motorcycle rental services in South Africa that also provide some scheduled tours to give you a remarkable experience. Here are some motorcycle rental companies in South Africa:


This is one motorcycle rental service that provides only the best experience for their customers. They rent out bikes to tourists. Explore360 provides all-inclusive adventure motorcycle tours and off-road training on rental motorcycles or your own motorcycles. Explore 360 is very passionate about motorcycle travel and they are always searching for new places to explore.

They also aim to provide an amazing motorcycle experience for their customers.  Some of the motorcycles they have for rent are a range of BMW GS motorcycles. Furthermore, the price of their motorcycle rental is included in the price of the tour. You can also check their brochure to check the brochure which is listed separately.

Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa – Cape Bike Travel

This motorcycle rental is located in central Cape Town and they have been providing motorbike rental since 2005. They have also been organizing motorbike tours since 2005.  Cape Bike Travel offers a wide range of motorbikes for rent such as BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Triumph motorcycles.

They aim at offering only the best services to give their customer a seamless experience. The price of their motorcycle rental cost about 75 Euro per day. Furthermore, there are also some motorcycle kits that are available for rent and they include a helmet, gloves, and jacket.

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours

This motorcycle rental service is all about creating an amazing two-wheel motorcycle adventure that will give the customers awesome memories of the friendly people, and the beauty if the African continent.

They offer outstanding services for your money’s worth at a competitive price. They offer custom and bespoke tours and also motorcycle rentals. 

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours also offers a fleet of BMW motorcycles for about 70 Euros per day. They also provide a wide range of tours on offers that include cross-border rides, wildlife tours, single-day tours, and epic 40-day tours.

Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa – GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours

This motorcycle rental has an extensive knowledge of South Africa and they offer both personal and professional service. Every route and accommodation is already experienced by GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours before they arrange tours for their clients.

Other than renting motorcycles, they also plan routes, plan accommodations, and offer back-up support for vehicles. They offer motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson and BMW 1200 GS for rent. It costs about 90 Euro per day for rent.

Venture Outdoors South Africa

Venture Outdoors South Africa plans all the essential things so that their customers can relax and enjoy the ride with them. They also create a remarkable experience for a smaller scale of tourists on the road. 

They also offer services such as pillion tours, day trips, multi-day tours, and personalized tours. All the tours are also guided and they are all-inclusive. Venture Outdoors South Africa offers a fleet of neat BMW F800GS bikes such as soft luggage. The price for their day trios ranges from 105 Euros to 135 Euros.

Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa – Ride2Roam

Ride2Roam offers their customers the best riding experience with their motorcycles and personalized tours. They organize tours to go on Safari and also to meet the local people. Their tours are organized mainly for bikers and they offer the best experience for their customers.

They set up tours in Botswana, Namibia, and also in South Africa both self-guided and guided. Ride2Roam also offers motorcycles such as BMW, 1250, 850, and 750 for rental. Furthermore, the price of the rental is determined by the type of motorcycle.

In conclusion, the above-listed places are some of the best Motorcycle Rentals in South Africa. So, if you are in dire need of a motorcycle, to go on a tour, or to visit a place. You could visit any of these places to rent one and have fun!