Best Movies to Watch on Netflix 2023

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Are you in search of the Best Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2023? If yes, then you are on the perfect page! In this article, I will list a selection of the top-notch movies to enjoy on Netflix this year.

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix 2023

Meanwhile, Netflix boasts an extensive library of cinematic treasures, making it challenging to pick just one. However, fret not, as I’ll guide you through some of the most highly-anticipated and critically acclaimed films available on Netflix in 2023.

My coverage will span various genres, including action, drama, thriller, comedy, and more. So, whether you’re a fan of indie gems or blockbuster hits. You’re sure to find something that piques your interest within these recommendations.

Furthermore, I will furnish you with insightful details about the directors and cast members. Along with brief plot summaries, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of each film’s essence. Therefore, get ready to embark on a cinematic journey through the best Netflix has to offer in 2023!

List Of The Best Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2023

In 2023, Netflix is delivering an astounding lineup of films and movies. Here are some of the absolute bests to catch on Netflix in 2023:

Heart of Stone

“The Heart of a Stone” is an adrenaline-fueled film directed by Tom Harper and penned by Greg Rucka. Centered on a group of highly skilled agents from a covert global peacekeeping organization.

The movie unfolds as these operatives race to safeguard a dangerous piece of technology from a cunning hacker. With its high-octane action reminiscent of “Fast and the Furious” and a “Mission Impossible” flair, “The Heart of a Stone” promises an exhilarating journey, amplified by the storytelling prowess of Greg Rucka, known for his work on “The Old Guard.”

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix – The Deepest Breath

The Deepest Breath is another movie you should stream today if you haven’t. The movie is about witnessing the unbelievable skill and strength needed for one of the most murderous, harmful extreme sports in the water: freediving. It introduces audiences to Alessia Zecchini an Italian woman with the passion, goal, and talent to break records. And background information on the sport,

They Cloned Tyrone

They Cloned Tyrone is an American movie directed by Juel Taylor. It drew inspiration from real government experimentation on the Black community in America. They Cloned Tyrone discharges with touching satire bolstered by absurdity.

John Boyega (Attack the Block), Teyonah Parris (Candyman), and Jamie Foxx (Day Shift), star in the feature film directorial debut of Juel Taylor (Creed II), which is an elegantly stylized throwback to 1970s Blaxploitation films.

These three superstars played a pimp, a sex worker, and a hustler who stumble onto a huge government plot taking place just below their neighborhood, biting them to rise up to take down this sinister plot.


Another amazing Netflix movie you should grab your popcorn and jump on is WHAM. This movie covers the early lives of two best friends who would form the pop duo. And follows their meteoric rise from determined teenagers. To accomplish their dream of playing their last concert at Wembley Stadium.

It’s a gratefully nostalgic walk through the 80s pop scene that offers never-before-seen insight into George Michael’s struggles with being a gay man in the spotlight during the high point of the AIDS crisis.

The Out Laws

The Out-Laws is one of the best movies to watch on Netflix. This is because it feels like a mix of Meet the True Lies and the Parents. Nina Dobrev (Let’s Be Cops) and Adam DeVine (Workaholics) led this action-comedy movie. A couple named Parker and Owen. Whose wedding weekend gets an unexpected wrinkle. When Parker’s parents rob Owen’s bank.

Turns out that the parents, played by Ellen Barkin (Drop Dead Gorgeous) and Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia!), are a disreputable criminal duo called the Ghost Bandits. But this time, they stole from the wrong people, and the only way to get Parker back from a threatening group of killers is to enlist Owen’s help to rob more banks to pay off the kidnappers.

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix – Nimona

Seen Nimona? No? Then you are missing out on another amazing new Netflix movie. Based on the delightful graphic novel, Nimona is a charmful animated action-comedy with a screenplay by Lloyd Taylor and Robert L. Baird. Nimona displays an exciting animation style with suddenly gorgeous scenescapes generated by blending a science-fiction futuristic aesthetic with medieval elements.

Extraction 2

Extraction Two was written by Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame) and was directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction 2 is an extensive scale assault on the senses with unbelievable action, a heart-pumping pace, and stellar casting.

The second film in the lovely franchise, Extraction 2 is brightly shot and spends most of its two-hour run time on thrilling, explosive stunts with elegant combat choreography.

The Mother

The Mother is coordinated by Niki Caro, The Mother features Joseph Fiennes and Gael García Bernal (The Handmaid’s Tale) as terrifying villains, creating a suspenseful plot that feels like a palatable blend of Taken and Hanna.

This movie really succeeds as both a drama and an action film solely due to her innate and Lopez’s ability to embody vulnerabilities and strengths, fluidity, and lover passion.

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix – The Strays

Another interesting movie to stream on Netflix is The Strays. This is a clever film that explores classism, perception, and privilege through a unique lens that creates tension.

The film stars Ashley Madekwe as Neve, a wife, and a mother who has carefully curated her perfect life through details and deliberate lies.

You People

The movie is absolutely a story that presents varying perspectives on universal themes. Emphasizing progress and generational differences. This movie is supported by a stacked cast, including David Duchovny, Nia Long, and Lauren London. This is a must-watch and we recommend it if you are a fan of mature comedy.


Netflix will be releasing two (2) of its largest new original films towards the middle of this month, as it drops adventure comedy. The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar as well as romantic drama Love at First Sight, which are both composed to potentially land in the Netflix top 10. Stay turn to enjoy your moment on Netflix.