Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria

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What are the best taxi apps in Nigeria? Inarguably, before now, getting a Taxi in Nigeria is quite a hassle. As we find ourselves going to the park to get one, or standing on the road trying to catch one. But now, with the advent of Technology, we can now easily get Taxi to anywhere in Nigeria.

Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria

The internet is now filled with different Taxi Apps that can help you get a taxi without you stressing to catch one. And in just a matter of minutes, your taxi is at your front door. However, in this article, we would be exploring some of the Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria.

If you have seen so many and you are finding it difficult to choose one, we would provide you with the best of them here. Also, with these apps, you can now wave goodbye to the stress and hassle of acquiring a ride to an important event.

One amazing thing about some of these apps is that upon your first download and sign-up, you get discounts enabling you to pay less. So, what are you waiting for? Join me as I explore some of the best Taxi Apps in Nigeria. 

8 Best Taxi Apps in Nigeria

Taxi apps have now created a more affordable way of transportation and they are very popular in the country.  It is easier to get to your desired location with these ride-hailing apps and they are also very affordable. Here are some of the best taxi apps in Nigeria:


This is one of the most popular cab apps in Nigeria. Although it doesn’t cover all the states yet, it is available in Lagos, Owerri, and Abuja. It also offers outstanding service and has only experienced drivers.

However, it is very easy to get an Uber cab, but the processes are not as cheap as you might think. It also isn’t difficult either.

The Uber app is very easy to use. And it has a very simple interface that makes almost everything look easy. On the app, you can order a ride and then the driver will come and pick you up at the location immediately.

Uber is also one of the best can apps in Lagos. To use it, all you just need to do is visit your device’s App Store or Play Store to get it downloaded within seconds.

Best Taxi Apps – Bolt

Founded in 2017, Bolt has continued to serve Nigeria with its top-notch services and experienced drivers. Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt has some of the most affordable and reliable taxi services in the country. On the Bolt app, you can book a ride and the driver will be at the location in just a few minutes. 

It is also available in over 12 states in the country. Bolt is among the taxi app that can be used in Lagos and other states in the country. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. So, download today and get instant rides to wherever you want to go without hassle.

Quick Ride

Quick Ride is one of the new taxi apps that was launched recently in Nigeria. This taxi app enables users to book a ride and also pay for the ride all from the mobile app. Users can also track the location of the vehicle.

This taxi app enables options for several types of rides such as Quick Ride Luxe and Quick Ride Economy. However, one of the offers known as the Quick Ride Economy is the most affordable option while the other; Quick Luxe is the luxury option.

Best Taxi Apps – inDriver

This is a ride-hailing app that competes with apps like Bolt and Uber. inDriver is a different kind of taxi service and its goal is to create a new transpiration system where both driver and passenger can agree on the price of the ride.

The passenger can select the driver that they would like to have a ride with, within the app.  And they also get to decide and negotiate the price for the road trip. If the driver agrees to this, and then the passenger will be taken to their destination.

InDriver is regarded as a much cheaper way to move around. In addition, the app has several features and it is one of the best taxi apps in Lagos.


This app is one of the best taxi apps that you can find in Lagos. It enables the drivers and the riders to locate each other and agree on a particular price. It is also an online service for getting carpooling or rides. However, the passenger and the driver must agree on a price before the ride. 

This will help you save more money than some other taxi-hailing services. Instead of waiting to hail a cab on the street, you can simply use the Rida app to book a ride. This is a very easy way to order a ride to your preferred destination. 

As a rider, you also don’t have to wait around before you can get an order. You can simply use the app to place an order online and find out who your passenger will be.

Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is one of the world’s best ride-hailing apps that has been operating in Lagos for a while. This app enables its users to book a ride and also pay for the ride from the app. Users can also track their ride location on the app.

Easy Taxi also offers options for several types of rides such as Easy Taxi Luxe and Easy Taxi Economy. Easy Taxi Economy is more affordable while the Easy Taxi Luxe is the luxury option.

Best Taxi Apps – Time Drive Taxi

This is an on-demand e-hailing service that connects drivers with riders. The drivers are experienced drivers who pay attention to safety, affordability, timeliness, and comfortability.

TimeDrive app also offers features that give the riders a better experience. The app interface is user-friendly and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

KarryGo Taxi

This is a logistics servicing application where users can request a Taxi and they will get a response from the driver that is closest to them.  The app also has transport fare that is as low as N350 and they charge only N65 for every kilometer that is reached after the registered driver starts the trip.

So, book your ride today and get cheap rides to your destination. All you just need to do first is to download the app and sign up. Then follow the onscreen steps to order.

In conclusion; Taxi apps are a much cheaper transportation option and they are available 24/7. Some of these apps also enable the rider to negotiate the price with the driver.