Bigcommerce Facebook store – Facebook Shop

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Do you want to sell on facebook? And you still do not have any idea on how to start and go about it. Well, I have an idea for you. why not create a Facebook store. Do you know how to do that? If your answer is yes, great. If no, not bad. I will be putting you through on how to create a Facebook store. In this article, the type of Facebook store I will be telling you about is the Bigcommerce facebook store. Facebook has already established itself as a powerhouse in the world of social networking. Over the years face as a platform has evolved greatly. People not only use the platform for socializing anymore. Most users now make use of the platform for business purposes.

Bigcommerce Facebook store - Facebook Shop

Why Make Use of Bigcommerce Facebook Store

Just in case your business is experiencing some drag, the Bigcommerce facebook store feature has hundreds of features to help you improve on your business and sell more directly. There are a lot of reasons as to why one should make use of Bigcommerce facebook store to sell on Facebook. We all know that the Facebook platform is used by over the world’s population. This implies that users from all over the globe visit the Facebook platform every day. So therefore if you are making use of the Facebook platform for business purposes then you and your business just might get the right exposure to the right audience and potential customers and clients. With this Facebook feature, you get to sell directly to your customers on Facebook.

Benefits of Bigcommerce Facebook Store

Without much further adu, I will just us directly to the benefits of using this outstanding facebook feature.

  1. Works on different devices such as desktop and on mobile devices
  2. It adds a shop tab to your facebook page and section to the side navigation to show your different products.
  3. Also, it adds a subscribe button so followers can subscribe and get new notifications whenever a new product is added.
  4. Orders and customers data goes directly into your Bigcommerce control panel for easy management.
  5. It allows followers to view your products and click through your Bigcommerce store for secure purchasing.
  6. It helps you organize and arrange your products into special collections and merchandise them to shoppers on the facebook platform.

There are other benefits but I am going to stop here. For the full benefits I urge you to start making use of this platform today.

How to Create a Bigcommerce Facebook Store

You might already have a Bigcommerce account and therefore want to link the account to your facebook store. That’s what this is all about. To do so follow the steps below;

  1. Log into your bigcommerce account and click or select advanced settings
  2. On the next page select the web analytics
  3. Check the box for facebook pixel
  4. Click on save.

There are options to set up though. When you log in to your Bigcommerce account just make sure to follow the on-screen instructions carefully.