Bolt App – Download Bolt App For Android and iOS

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How can I download the Bolt app or can I request a ride using the Bolt app? If you are the type that uses mobile transportation to satisfy all your transportation needs, chances are that you might have heard of Bolt. Amongst the mobility companies that offer a vehicle for hire, car-sharing, and food delivery services, Bolt is an indispensable app to everyone. Unarguably, everyone makes use of transportation either in one way or the other. Even if you don’t do it daily, you’ll still transport either yourself or goods from one place to the other.

Bolt App - Download Bolt App For Android and iOS

The Bolt app is an extended version of Bolt that allows you to order rides from your mobile devices – Android and iOS. With the Bolt app, you can quickly order rides without having to log in to your account over and over again. Just with a few clicks of the button, you are already in your account and you can order for pickups to convey you to your preferred destination. Technology has really made a whole lot of differences in recent times and transportation is not left behind. With Bolt, you can say goodbye to traffic congestion and get wherever you need to go as quickly as possible.

Bolt App Download

Be part of those who use Bolt today by downloading the app on your mobile device. Although you can also request a ride via the web, but using the app is quicker and more flexible. Mind you, you can only download the Bolt app on a mobile device as there is no app available for desktop. Hence, we’ll be providing you with steps on how to download the app on both devices;

To Download on iOS

  • Tap to open the App Store on your iOS device.
  • Using the search bar, search for Bolt.
  • The app then appears on the search result.
  • Then click ‘’Get’’

To Download on Android

  • Tap to open Google Play on your Android.
  • Enter Bolt on the search field and click the on the search icon.
  • Then click on ‘’Install’’

Wait for few minutes and allow the app to successfully download on your Android. Meanwhile, you can also download the app on AppGallery for Huawei devices. Once the app is downloaded, launch the tap Open to launch the app. Set up your account and do the needful. To learn how to request a ride on the Bolt app, kindly read on.

How to Request a Ride on the Bolt App

To request a ride using the Bolt app, you must first download it on your respective mobile device. if you are yet to download it, you can do that using the guidelines above. Requesting a ride on bolt via the app is fast, affordable, and easy to go about using the guidelines below;

  • Tap to open the Bolt App on your mobile device.
  • Click ‘’Where to’’ or drag up and enter your pickup location on the first field.
  • Enter your destination.
  • Then you will see the price range of your trip.
  • Click on ‘’SELECT BOLT’’ at the bottom of the page.
  • To confirm your ride, click on ‘’Confirm Order’’

Then wait at the pickup location for the Bolt driver to come and convey you to your destination. And you get to your destination, leave a rating, and pay. One huge advantage of the Bolt app over the website is that you can pay using either your debit or credit card. When you order a ride via the website, you can only pay in cash.