Box10 – Play Free Games Online

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Where can I play free games online? Truly, there are so many games sites available on the net. But finding the one that allows you to play games for free is rare. Box10 is a platform designed for playing games online.  This platform offers an adventurous channel on which users can play enormous games and explore large collections of games online for free. If you do not have space on your device to download games, you need not worry as Box10 is free for you to visit to play those games of your choice online.

Box10 web platform allows users to own an account on its site. But an account isn’t required before one can play games on the games platform. All you just need to do is visit the website online, explore through the large game categories and play games of your choice. The homepage of the Box10 games platform displays a number of main menus. And this gives its user a friendly and easy-to-navigate page. So as a new user of the site, you can easily find your way around. 

Box10 Categories

This game website has a lot of game categories one can explore through. The game categories were added to make it easy for users of the site to explore and find games of their choice. These categories are so many and under each of them, there are still so many fun and exciting games. Some of the categories of games on Box10 include;

  • Action & Adventure
  • Arcade Games
  • Basketball Games
  • Bike Racing Games
  • Card Games
  • Christmas Games
  • Dancing Games
  • DressUp Games
  • Educational Games
  • Fighting Games
  • Football Games
  • Girls Games
  • Gun Games
  • IO Games
  • Mahjong Games and many more

Discover more of these categories by visiting Box10’s online website. You can even check the games out and have fun playing them. You can even set up an account on the gaming site if you want. That even gives you more privilege to play more games for free. See how to set up an account below.

How to Set Up An Account

Setting up an account is very easy and has no restrictions. Besides, the site is open for anyone who wants to create an account on it to play games. Both adults and kids. Moreover, there are also collections of games available for the kids as well. So you should, sign up today and play thousands of games online for free on the Box10 gaming community. Users are never bored with this game portal. Here are steps on how to set up an account below;

  1. Launch your web browser, and enter on the search bar section.
  2. Click on the signup box at the edge of the right side on the homepage.
  3. Fill in your details and click the signup box.
  4. You will be notified that an email has been sent to your mailbox
  5. Check your mailbox and click on the activation link that was sent.

This verifies the account and you can now log in with your login details. Creating an account gives users full access to make full use of the platform. This also helps to keep records of games played by account owners.

How to Play Game on Box10

Once you have created an account on this platform you can have full access to all the features. If you do not have an account, you need not worry as users who don’t have an account can also play games on this platform. Here are steps on how to play games on this site below;

  1. Run your web browser and enter on the URL section for the web address.
  2. On the homepage of the portal, navigate down and select the category of the games to be played.
  3. Search through games, select the desired game and click on it.
  4. You can now start playing.
  5. Alternatively, click on the game search box, input a keyword, and click on the “Go!” icon.

However, with these steps, you can play as many games as you want on this site. Visit Box10 online and play as many games as you want free and unlimitedly today. Moreover, If you also need directions on how to play the game, it is also available on the website.