Build a Facebook Store

Do you want to make money selling on facebook? Then I think it is high time you build a Facebook store. Millions of Facebook users have already started making use of Facebook to earn money. They do not only spend time on the platform socializing. They now utilize their time on the platform for both businesses and socializing. They don’t have to physically be in their shops. Everything can now be done online all from the comfort of their homes. The facebook as we all know is the most visited social media platform on the globe. According to statistics, the Facebook platform is visited by millions of active users daily globally. Some of these users are there mainly for business purposes while others are there for social purposes.

Build a Facebook Store - How to Build a Facebook Store

Why It Is Important To Build a Facebook Store

Most facebook users and non-facebook users always ask the question if a facebook store is worth it. It is completely worth it. With the facebook store you get to sell your products and services to a wider customer base. With the kind of traffic that facebook gets daily, there are a lot of potential customers to get through to.  Since facebook is global you get increased exposure to existing and potential customers. This function helps lower your marketing expenses. It helps you reach a targeted audience. Another importance of building a facebook store is that you get to build brand loyalty with your clients and customers. You also get to use facebook insights when making use of a facebook store. Another interesting feature when making use of a facebook store via a facebook page is that it lets businesses spy on competitors, isn’t thus cool?

How to Build a Facebook Store

Building a facebook store doesn’t really require much. Anybody can build a facebook store with the right materials. First of all you need to be a registered user of the facebook platform. secondly you need to have your own facebook page. Once these two things are in place follow the steps below to build your very own facebook store;

  1. Open your facebook page.
  2. Under the cover photo of your facebook page click on the shop section.
  3. Agree to terms and policies.
  4. You will have to set up business and payment details.
  5. Add a description of your products.
  6. Start adding products to your shop.
  7. Create collections for easy navigation by visitors.
  8. Access your shops settings and manage your orders.

That’s all you need to build a Facebook store or shop.