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Do you know that with the bumble dating app you can connect with people who are single or are looking for a lifetime from the world on the go with ease? Most users prefer using the bumble dating app because it saves you the stress of having to launch your web browser over and over again, just to access the bumble services or the stress of having to log in over and over to the bumble web service.

Millions of people from across the globe have signed for bumble using its online mobile dating app for iOS and Android users. And guess what? It is absolutely free and you don’t have to pay a dime to download or access the bumble dating app and its services or features which they render. Presently, there is no bumble dating app for desktop users or PCs. It can only be accessed using your mobile devices.  

Whether you are looking forward to making new friends or finding a genuine matchmaker or meaningful connections or trying to sell yourself to the world with your profession, the Bumble dating app is something you should have on your mobile device.

Features Of Bumble Dating

For every app ever created, one of the things that make it worth having or worth downloading is its features and its ability to serve the people well with ease. And the bumble dating apk hasn’t disappointed in making cool and amazing features for its users. Here are the bumble dating app features.

  • Its unlimited swiping ability: You get to meet different people from around the globe by simply swiping left and right as you desire on the dating app page. Doesn’t matter what race, culture, color and background you came from.
  • There is unlimited chat: this means there is no limitation to finding your perfect match or chatting with your found match. You can chat with as many matches you found.
  • Linking your social media accounts: by just linking your Instagram accounts or sportify account, you can share your interest with potential dates and friends.
  • Video Chart: this simply helps you to clear every doubt you might be having when you find your match and it allows you get to know your matches better.
  • With the premium features you even get to see those who swiped you while looking for their perfect match.

How To Download The Bumble Dating App

Downloading the bumble dating app is quite easy as sending an offline text to someone. All you need to do is visit the various store.

For android users; visit the google play store, at the search bar type in bumble, click on it, download, and install.

For iOS users: visit your Apple Appstore and download the bumble dating app.

If you are using a desktop simple visit bumble.com to access the bumble web

How To Signup Using The Bumble Dating App

Before you can meet anyone on the bumble dating app or enjoy these amazing features in the bumble dating app, you first need to sign up and I will be showing you exactly how to do just that.

  • Once you have installed the app, you open it and it will ask you” continue with Facebook” or use phone number. Choose your preferred option.
  • Let use the phone number sign up
  • On the next page, chose your country code and type in your number.
  • Your number would be verified by bumble, sending you a 4digit code. Type in the code in the space provided for you
  • Once done, you be required to enable location. You can choose not to by clicking Not now below the enable location
  • After that, type In your first name (you won’t be able to change it later, so be sure to cross check your name before hitting the next button).
  • Next page will require you to choose a photo which will save as your profile pics so people get to see how beautify you are.
  • At the next page, fill in your date of birth(month/day/year)
  • After that, you choose your gender (male or female)
  • Next is choosing a mode to get started, either a DATE mode or BFF mode (Lets pick date)
  • You will be asked who you are interested in, either a man, woman or everyone (pick your preferred option)
  • Now, add a recovery email. This will help you recover your account when you misplace it. You can decide to skip this part by clicking the skip button at the button left corner on your screen

Then, click I got it on the next page and the next page after it. Read the terms and conditions well before hitting the I agree on button. Congratulations, you are officially a bumbling member. Easy Pizzey.

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