Gone are the days when people visit Public places like Clubs, Restaurants, and more just to meet and make a new connection. The advent of online dating sites like Bumble has made it easier for singles from various parts of the world to make new friends, start a long-term or short-term relationship, and more. The Global Pandemic has made many online users rely on these online dating sites. Amongst these dating sites is the Bumble Dating Site. Bumble is an online dating and social networking site for singles to enable them to find friends and meet new people from across the world. 

Millions of people from across the world have an account with Bumble and this is due to its amazing services. Bumble is the only dating site that combines dating for singles, meeting new people, and making a new connection. Whether you wish to meet new people, make genuine matches and meaningful connections, you can find it all on Bumble Dating Site. In addition, the site helps to expand your professional and social network. You can access Bumble or via its website or with the Mobile app for android and iOS users. It provides its members with a free and premium membership account. The Premium Plan provides you with extra and advanced features. However, you can still get started with services by signing up for a free account.

How to Sign Up for a Bumble Dating Account

To get started with Bumble, you will need to sign Up for an online Dating Account with the Site. You can either sign Up for an account using your Facebook, Apple, or Mobile Number. Just like Tinder, Bumble also has an Online dating app that enables you to access its services via your smartphone. So, you can also sign Up for Bumble Dating using its Mobile app aside from its web version. Below are the steps and guidelines to create a Bumble account.

Bumble Dating Sign Up with Facebook

  • Open your PC web browser
  • Visit the official Dating site of Bumbles
  • On the homepage, you will see the JOIN icon
  • Click on it and this will take you to the sign-Up page
  • Tap on continue with Facebook
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click on Continue with Facebook your Facebook username and follow the prompt

Sign Up with Apple

  • On the Bumble Sign Up page
  • Click on continue with Apple
  • Enter your Apple ID and click on the arrow
  • Also, enter your Apple Password and tap on the arrow
  • Allow Bumble access your Apple Account
  • Then, click on continue with Apple

Sign Up with Phone Number

  • On Bumble Sign Up page
  • Scroll down the page, enter your mobile number
  • Click on Continue
  • A Verification code will be sent to your mobile number
  • Enter the code sent to your mobile device
  • Input a name you like to be called
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Select your Gender
  • Lastly, enter your Profile Picture

After following the above steps and guidelines, your Bumble Dating Account will be created and you will automatically gain access to it.

Bumble Account Login

If you already have a Bumble account, you can log in to your account to meet and connect with new people from across the world. You can either sign in to your account using your Apple, Facebook, or mobile number. Below are the steps and guidelines to login into your account;

  • Visit the official website of Bumble
  • Click on sign in
  • Scroll down the page and enter the mobile number connected to your account
  • A verification code will be sent to your number
  • Enter the verification code and tap on sign in

If you have to Sign Up for an account with Facebook or your Apple ID, click on any of the accounts and enter the necessary credentials. After entering the necessary credentials, you will be verified and granted access to your Bumble Dating Account.