Buy On Facebook Store

Over the years since Facebook announced and introduced its business platform, there have been questions about its authenticity and originality. There have been questions like can I buy on facebook? Even if I can buy on Facebook, what can I buy? How do I open or set up a Facebook store? Also, how do I buy and sell on facebook? These and a host of other questions keep popping up on a regular. There is no need to worry though as this article will be answering most of these questions.

Buy On Facebook Store - How to Buy On Facebook Store

Can I Buy On Facebook Store?

The answer to this question is pretty basic and straight forward. Yes, you can buy on Facebook store. As long as you are a registered user of the Facebook platform, you can buy from any facebook store of your choosing anytime you feel like it.

What Can I Buy On Facebook Store?

There are different types of facebook stores. The people who create these facebook stores updated them with products and services that they can stress freely offer. It’s not possible that everybody making use of the facebook store feature will be selling the same thing. With this I am going to be giving you an answer on the question above. You can buy just about anything on facebook stores from clothes, furniture, jewelries, groceries and so much more. Just anything you want can be gotten from facebook stores.

How to Open or Set up A Facebook Store

To open a Facebook store follow the steps below

  1. On your facebook page click on the ‘add a shop section’ tab which is under your cover photo.
  2. Setup your shop details.
  3. Setup and configure your payment methods.
  4. Start adding products to your store or shop.
  5. Complete settings and configure shipping.
  6. Manage your products.

That’s all you need to successfully setup a Facebook store

How to Buy On Facebook Store?

To buy on facebook store is pretty basic. Follow the steps below to buy on a facebook store;

  1. Most of the facebook pages have a shop section where you can see products for sale.
  2. Go to the said page and click on the shop tab in the left column.
  3. You can now browse products and click on check out on website. You can either message the business directly on facebook or visit their website.

If you want to successfully buy on Facebook store follow the steps above.