CalFresh ProGramme – How to Apply for CalFresh

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What is CalFresh and how can I apply for CalFresh benefit? There was a recent question asked by so many users based on is the CalFresh and Food Stamps the same. On the contrary, CalFresh has the same similarity as Food Stamps. Because CalFresh is known as the California food stamps program or SNAP where the citizen of California can enjoy the SNAP benefits. In the meantime, it’s also the same thing as the federal Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program which offers low- or no-income families with benefits of purchasing food items or supplements.

Furthermore, the CalFresh benefits provide eligible families or households with supplements in increasing your food budget where you can purchase items or food items of great nutritional quality. When you apply for CalFresh and you meet the qualification of eligibility. This provides you with CalFresh benefits in which you can access through the EBT Card (Electronic Benefits Transfer). Moreover, the use of the EBT Card is similar to the concept of you using the ATM card to for items you purchase on various stores. However, there are several store outlets in the United States in which you can use the EBT card to purchase items on store outlets.

List of County to Apply for CalFresh

On the contrary, the CalFresh is widely spread across every county in California in which you can use the GetCalFresh to apply for the Food Stamps or the SNAP benefits. Here is the following list of the county in California where you can apply:

  • Alameda,
  • Alpine,
  • Amador,
  • Butte,
  • Calaveras,
  • Colusa,
  • Contra Costa,
  • Del Norte,
  • El Dorado,
  • Fresno,
  • Glenn,
  • Humboldt,
  • Imperial,
  • Inyo,
  • Kern,
  • Kings,
  • Lake,
  • Lassen,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Madera,
  • Marin,
  • Mariposa,
  • Mendocino,
  • Merced,
  • Modoc,
  • Mono,
  • Monterey
  • Napa,
  • Nevada,
  • Orange,
  • San Benito,
  • San Bernardino,
  • Placer,
  • Plumas,
  • San Francisco,
  • Riverside,
  • Sacramento,
  • San Diego,
  • San Joaquin, and lots more.

However, you can learn more about the CalFresh eligibility in other to check your status if you’re eligible for the Food Stamps or SNAP benefits.

What are the CalFresh Eligibility or Requirement

Just like for every state in the United States, there are different requirements needed from each citizen to acquire. However, most of the eligibility is similar to the online application. Basically, the eligibility for a household to apply for CalFresh is based on the household’s monthly income. However, here is the limit set by the state government in which if your qualification meets the eligibility, you can get the benefits.

Household Size









Gross Monthly Income



$3, 556


$5, 030

$5 766

$6, 502


However, you might be eligible for the SNAP benefit only if your income falls under the following limit mentioned above. There is a unique way in which your income is calculated and you need to provide requirements for application.

How to Apply for CalFresh

In the meantime, there is certain information you need to provide which includes identification, citizenship status, Social Security Number, Asset Limits, and Income. Also, you must be a resident of the following county mentioned above. However, you can visit to access an online application.