Canadian Trucking Companies Hiring Foreign Drivers With Visa Sponsorship

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Canadian Trucking Companies Hiring Foreign Drivers to work as truck drivers. However, are you from another country aside united states? OR are you looking for a truck driver job in Canada? There are opportunities for you to earn up to $40,000 monthly as a truck driver. As different Canadian Trucking companies hire foreign drivers. Moreover, Transport truck drivers as of now are still in very high demand across Canada on a national and also provincial basis. So, as a foreigner, there’s a chance for you to get a job in Canada as a truck driver. All you just need to do is get your Canada work visa as a truck driver through the TFWP. This enables you as a foreigner to work there in positions that are facing labor shortages.

Furthermore, Once you are migrating to Canada to work as a truck driver. Meanwhile, you should note that you might be given a heavy truck to use to transport goods and materials over urban, provincial, interurban, and international routes. And these goods ought to be delivered safely and on time. That is one of the reasons why you should be well experienced before applying for the job. And as a foreigner, you might be employed by trucking employment companies or service agencies, or you can even have your job (self-employed). Nonetheless, do you want to know more about Canadian Trucking Companies Hiring Foreign Drivers? Read thru this article and we will be letting you know all the necessary things you need to know about it respectively.

What Kind Of Jobs Can I Get As A Transport Truck Driver In Canada As A Foreigner

Either you are a foreigner or not. One thing you should know is that by getting a job as a transport truck driver, you can be employed under many job titles and positions. And to qualify under this, you can work in either of any of these job positions below;

  • Bulk goods truck driver.
  • Cement truck driver.
  • Automobiler truck driver.
  • Coal hauler.
  • Dump truck driver.
  • Explosves truck drivers.
  • Gravel hauler.
  • Gasoline truck operator.
  • Log hauler.
  • Log truck driver.
  • Long-distance truck driver.
  • Mobile concrete mixer driver.
  • Moving van driver.
  • Heavy truck drivers and more.

Aside from all these above-listed jobs, there are still more jobs and job titles that you can work under as a truck driver migrating to Canada. Visit to check out more of these jobs and select the one you would love to work as. After selecting, knowing the companies that are hiring foreign drivers is very important. So you would be able to check the vacancy and apply for the job.

Canadian Trucking Companies Hiring Requirements In Canada

As a foreigner who wants to work as a truck driver in Canada, there are some requirements you ought to provide to the company employing you. But these requirements may vary depending pon the province, your position, or the employer. But the standard requirements needed in general include;

  • Proof of the job experience.
  • Completion of Secondary School.
  • A class 3 or D license to drive straight-body vehicles.
  • License endorsement or certificate to drive articulated trucks.
  • Driver training courses of up to three months must be completed through a vocational school or a college.
  • A class 1 or A license for long combination trucks.

Lastly, an Air brake endorsement Z is required of you if you would be driving vehicles that are equipped with air brakes. These are the major requirements that would be needed when you want to apply as a truck driver in Canada. Any other requirements would be made known to you by the company that would be employing you for the job.

What are the Benefits of Being a Truck Driver In Canada

 Aside from the fact that you might have a lot of responsibilities as a truck driver, which includes ensuring the goods are delivered safely, taking care of the truck, and more. There are also some benefits you get to enjoy while doing this job. What are these benefits? They include;

  • A very good yearly pay.
  • An insurance coverage.
  • Paid Holiday.
  • Job security.
  • Travel and visit more places while working.

These are some of the benefits you get to enjoy while working as a truck driver in Canada. Other benefits may apply but that is according to the company you are working for. Apply for the job today and get the chance to enjoy all these benefits and even more.

Top Canadian Trucking Companies Hiring Foreign Drivers

Several Trucking Companies are Hiring foreign drivers. Here are some of them that you can check out, visit and apply for the job they have to offer below;

  • Agri Fresh.
  • Coke Canada Bottling.
  • Canadian Base Transport Ltd.
  • GLS logistics Canada.
  • WooW Canada immigration.
  • Canada Cartage.
  • Logix Transportation Limited.
  • Canada Job Bank.
  • Job bank Canada.

These are some of the companies that employ foreign truck drivers. You can apply for any one of your choices. And if you do not want any of these, you can check out other companies that hire foreign truck drivers and apply for the job. Gladly most of these companies offer visa sponsorships.