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Spread the love is a free online chatting and interactive web platform that has far gone being recognized across the globe. Remarkably, has a record of about 9,000+ users worldwide and an estimated net worth of about 42,000 US dollars. Established in the United States, It has tremendously gone broad to have users in Asia, Africa, and various European states.

Chatiw - Free Online Live Chat, Meet & Dating Rooms on Chatiw Uk  |

This web chatiw uk proffers yet an alternative solution to curb racism by creating a channel for its users to chat and meet different people online across the globe thereby promoting unity. Having wondered the perfect site to chat with friends and even strangers


This is the best online web platform where you can text and video chat with other users from various locations; within and outside your country like UK, US. It is mobile, global and offers extensive features. Chatting on Chatiw is easy, swift and free. Users access the fast link to new people without registration. All you have to do is just provide a nickname, location, sex, and age; these allow other users know your stats, who, and where you are.

Chatiw One Time User Account

Several online chatting web platforms have a long process of registration all just to verify users and even restrictions and other policies for users to follow but is different, on after you have provided all that is required you all set to the free world of chatting. Follow these guide any you all set on

  1. Launch on your preferred browser the url on the address bar section
  2. Fill the brief identification registration space below, this requires a nickname, age, location and sex, then submit.
  3. The next page you see will be displaying online users of chatiw and their locations including a short memo on what to do and not to attempt on the website.

Note that this is only a one-time account that can be used just as you log in. this is an account that must be created by every user who wants to chat on this platform. Chatiw does not keep users information such as log in details. Once the user clicks on the sign out icon, his or her session elapses and the entire account information will be wiped out on Chatiw platform.

Chatiw Video Chatting | More than Just Text Chatting

It has provided its users with video chatting to make chatting more real. On this platform, you can make video chat with people you never met before. All of this is you enjoy after submitting your identification with them. These are the guides on how to make video chat on

  1. After you have submitted your details, the next page you are directed to is where you see menus either to chat online or join video chat rooms and even live chat all in the name of online chatting provided for free only on
  2. To get started you will be asked to try video chat, well this is a trial service for new users.
  3. After the trial period, you will be redirected to proceed for an upgrade to premium to enjoy more exclusive services. However, upgrading to premium requires affordable payment, unlike other chatting websites. Options are provided.
  4. This platfrom will require you to give a verification means for this. This means you have to enter your email address or join the thrill via facebook, google+ and other recognized social network platforms.

I bet you will enjoy the trial and go hungry for more exciting people to chat with on this platform. Note that users are always given a free trial period. This platform is open to all users with no restrictions. Log on today and meet men, women and new singles across the world.