New Hotmail account owners tend to ask questions like “How do I check my Hotmail?” Well, that’s very easy. All you just have to do is sign in to your already created account. There and then you can now check your Hotmail. Then, as a new user of Hotmail account, I was only very much familiar with the sign up which was the first step I took in creating an account for myself. So, therefore, one day while trying to Check my Hotmail account on a device that is very much different from the one, I used to sign up for.  I found it very difficult to do so before I later realized that all I had to do was to process the Hotmail sign-in.

However, signing in to Hotmail doesn’t require much information from you. It only requires your username and password. If while trying to access Hotmail and then you are stumbling on Outlook instead and not coming across any page with Hotmail written on it do not worry. As the Hotmail is however still functioning but only appears now as Outlook. So, therefore, once you have logged into your Hotmail account, you can now send emails to as many email addresses as possible and also receive emails. Besides, if you have the Outlook mail mobile app on your device, you can check your Hotmail rather than visit the web.

How Can I Check My Hotmail?

As mentioned earlier, checking your Hotmail is very easy to do. You can do this simply by visiting the Hotmail login page and entering your login credentials. However, keep in mind that if you have not created a Hotmail account, you can’t enter it into your Hotmail account. so, therefore, before you can follow these login steps, check your email, storage limit, and so on. You have to first own an email account on Hotmail. If you already have an account, here are steps below on how to enter into your Hotmail account to check whatever you want on it;

Check My Hotmail Via Web

  • Visit Hotmail or Outlook login website
  • Enter your email and click on the next button
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign-up button to enter into your account.

Via App

  • Install the Hotmail app
  • Open the app after install is complete
  • Click on Add account
  • Enter your email address and click on the continue button
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign in button to enter into your account.

Aside from the above-listed steps, there is another way by which you can sign in to your Hotmail account. You can sign in using your security key if you have one by inserting it into your desktop device USB port if you are using a desktop device. But if you are using a mobile device, you can log in using the QR code scanner to scan your account already logged in on your desktop. If any of these is impossible for you, you can sign up manually using the above-listed steps to enter your account.

In conclusion, if you set your account for verification anytime you want to access it. After entering your password, you would be required to verify that it’s you with the code sent to your email. However, this is a very good way of securing your account. It would keep you alert when someone or a third party is trying to access your account.

Why Can’t I Check My Hotmail?

There are so many reasons why your email account can be inaccessible. Some of these reasons could be the wrong password, new location, or new device. But the major reason is either a wrong password, a misspelled or wrong email address. However, if you still know your password but then you are still finding it difficult to enter your account. Make sure that your Caps lock is turned off as most passwords are written in small letters. Then check your username or email address is spelled correctly. Meanwhile, for a forgotten password. You can just click on the forgot password link to reset by following instructions given to you and providing the right information required of you.