Want to join click bank and make your money online? Click bank is a global internet retailer which deals with affiliate marketing. In other words, click bank links the manufacturers and suppliers of a product to a third party which is known as the affiliate marketers to help sell the products to final consumers. Click bank is however known to be one of the biggest international platforms for business where you can find almost all products under any category of your choice. But before you can have access to click bank, you must first process the click bank sign up.

Click Bank Sign Up - How To Create A Clickbank Account | www.clickbank.com

Click bank sign up is however a registration process which should be taken in order to access or use click bank for anything you want to which relates to marketing. With the clickbank sign up, you can be come a click bank affiliate. Also, note that, you must be within the age of 18 and above to process the click bank sign up and access click bank. However, click bank sign up is limited to some countries with reasons known to click bank itself.

Therefore, if you are trying to process the clickbank sign up, and it is not going through even after filling in your details correctly. It means click bank is not accessible in your country. check below on how to process the click bank sign-up below.

How to Sign up for Click Bank

The ClickBank sign up process is very easy; you can create your account in no time. You can make use of the mobile app and website to create an account on the ClickBank platform. There are some basic information users need to sign up for an account with the Click Bank platform. Which are your full names, email address or mobile phone number, and a password. Follow the below steps to register for a ClickBank account;

Using the Click Bank Website

  • Visit the click bank website @ https://www.clickbank.com/
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Select your country
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Add your mobile number
  • Enter your email address
  • Create a strong password 
  • Click on the “continue to terms and conditions” button
  • Scroll down to read and accept terms and conditions

Using the ClickBank Mobile App

  • Install the click bank app
  • Open the app
  • On the first page of the app tap the sign-up button
  • Enter your required personal information
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on the sign-up button

Before you sign up for an account on the ClickBank app using either your Android or iOS mobile phone, you need to first of all download and install the application from the Google play store or Apple store. After installation, follow the above listed steps to join click bank.

Why can’t I sign up?

The sign up is very easy and simple to accomplish. However, one of the reasons why your sign up might not be going through is the fact that, there are some certain requirements click bank would require of you which you must have. If these requirements are not present your sign up with click bank might not be possible. Also note that, the sign up is limited to some countries.

if after providing click banks sign up requirements, and your country isn’t allowed to sign up, the click bank sign up won’t go through. Reason is, click bank although is an international marketing company but has restricted some countries due to fraudulence. If your country isn’t restricted by click banks, follow the above listed steps to process your click bank sign up.