Contact Facebook – How to Contact Facebook Customer Service | Facebook Help Center

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Over time when you make use of any web platform there we be need to contact the admin. This may be due to some issues you may be having using the platform. Facebook as a social media platform users have been wanting contact that in other to help out with one issues or the other. But I have notice that not all users no how to contact Facebook.

Contact Facebook - How to Contact Facebook Customer Service | Facebook Help Center

There are a number of ways to contact Facebook through their help center. However Facebook don’t have any means of contacting them directly you can’t text, call or send them an email. Facebook help center provide help to customers on how they can solve their problems. Here we will be discussing some ways to contact Facebook.

Contacting Facebook Using Facebook Resources

A number of Facebook resource can be used to contact Facebook. These resources are located in Facebook web centre page. in othere to contact Facebook using this resource you don’t need to be a registered user.

Log on to Facebook help centre page  in your computer. You may need to login first with your login information if you’re not logged in. directly below the search bar in the help page are the options toolbars-hover your mouse on each options to view the subsections under them. The options include:

  • Using Facebook: this sections covers basic information on how to use Facebook, everything you need to know on friending, account creation and messaging
  • Managing your account: this option covers aspect like your login and profile settings.
  • Privacy safety: issues on the account security, unfriending people, and hacked accounts are addressed in this option.
  • Policies and reporting: this has basic reporting details (abuse, spam, etc.). it also covers how a deceased Facebook account can be handled and how to report a hacked account or fake account.

Facebook Help Center

You can also view common issues and complaints made to Facebook in the “Questions You May Have” and “Popular Topics.” as this is how to contact Facebook using the help link.

Once you’ve seen the sections in the tool bar, select the section related to the reason you want to contact Facebook for. For example, if you are having issues logging in to your account; click “managing Your Account” and then select “login.” Under each section are options that cover explanation to remedy any situation.

For example when you select “How Do I Change My Password When You Have Forgotten It” hyper link, this will bring step by step information to solve your problem. The help page search bar remain a good option to locate speed up your process.

You can use it by clicking the search bar in the page and enter words related to your problem. You will see some suggestions from the drop-down menu below the search bar.  Using the search bar only links you to already written articles by Facebook.

How to Contact Facebook as Regards ADS

If you are having ads issues on your Facebook business page. Log on to All questions related to this are discussed in this section. For instance to know more about advertising on Facebook; click “Creating Ads” or “Manage Ads” button and to  solve issues with advertising, click “Troubleshooting Your Ads” and then select related options from the subsequent menu.

If you cant find answers to your complaint using the help centre, you can proceed to Facebook Community Page. it will be best you look for the answers you seek in the community forums. As there are lots of users with similar issues and are ready to help you out.

Submit An Appeal For A Disabled Account

If you are required to submit an appeal before recovering your disabled account. Log on to Facebook Account Page ( Click on the “Submit An Appeal” link close to “if Your Account Was Disabled By Mistake.”  Fill in the form that shows up in the next page with relevant information to your account and then click “send” button.

Note: this option is only applicable if your account was disabled by mistake and you cannot recover any account disabled already. You can also contact Facebook when recovering your password. this can be done by clicking the forgot account link blow the password field in the Facebook home page. Then enter your email address or phone number related to your account and follow other due processes to recover your account.

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